WWE NXT results 7/11/13

WWE NXT Results
July 11, 2013
Full Sail University
Commentators: Tom Phillips, Brad Maddox
Report by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

We see the usual intro, then we go right to the opening match.

NXT Women’s Title Tournament Semi-Finals: “The First Lady of NXT” Summer Rae vs. Emma

Crowd chants for Emma as the bell sounds. Emma backs Summer into the corner. Summer switches, then breaks. Summer talks trash and sends Emma into the turnbuckles. Summer sends Emma face-first off the mat and gets a 1 count. Summer talks more trash while choking Emma in the ropes. Summer gets another 1 count. Crowd chants for Emma as Summer with a suplex for a nearfall. Summer with a spinning leg crush, then pulls back on the arm of Emma. Emma tries to counter out, but Summer takes her back down. Emma tries a second time to get out and this time she does, but Summer kicks her off. Emma with a roll-up for a nearfall. Summer comes right back with a dropkick for a nearfall. Summer with a chinlock as the crowd wills on Emma. Emma counters out with a hip attack, then avoids a corner charge by going onto the apron.

Emma slides back in under Summer’s legs and rolls her up for a nearfall. Emma with a drop toe hold that sends Summer face-first off the middle turnbuckle. Emma charges and connects with the basement crossbody for a nearfall. Summer comes back with a gut kick, then tries for a Sunset flip, but Emma drops down and gains a nearfall, but then Summer reverses it and gains her own nearfall.

Finally, Emma regains control of the pin attempts and rolls up Summer for the victory.

Winner and advancing to the finals of the NXT Women’s Title Tournament: Emma by pinfall (Roll-Up)

Emma celebrates her win by doing her wacky dance. All of a sudden, Summer attacks Emma from behind. The assault continues until Paige comes out to make the save. Paige helps Emma to her feet, then the two have a staredown as they will face off in the finals in 2 weeks to determine the first NXT Women’s Champion.


Back from commercial, we go backstage where Bayley is with NXT GM Dusty Rhodes. Bayley talks about the ring has a WWE logo on it and its so shiny in person. Dusty says he is proud of Bayley, she has come a long way and has so much energy. He knows that the match with Alicia Fox didn’t work out, but a loss is a loss. Dusty asks Bayley why she wanted to hug Alicia Fox. Bayley says to “Mr. American Dream”, to which Dusty says to call him Dusty. Bayley says to “Mr. Dusty”, that she is so excited to be in NXT and in the WWE.

Bayley goes to talk some more, but is then rendered speechless as Ric Flair and his daughter, Charlotte, walk in. Dusty and Flair embrace and he says to Charlotte that before Bayley came in, he was talking about how excited he was for Charlotte’s NXT debut next week. Dusty says he is looking for an opponent for Charlotte, then Bayley chimes in and says to Dusty that she will be Charlotte’s opponent next week. Bayley and Charlotte shake hands, then asks “Mr. Nature Boy” if he can do a “Wooo”. Flair goes to leave, then comes back and obliges Bayley by letting out a “Wooo”.

Flair and Charlotte leave, then Bayley lets out her own “Wooo”.

Sami Zayn vs. “The Big Game Hunter” Leo Kruger

Crowd chants for Zayn as the bell sounds. Kruger taunts the crowd and they respond by booing him. “OLE” chants now for Zayn as he rolls up Kruger for a quick 1 count. Zayn with a go-behind, but Kruger counters and works on the arm. Zayn counters out with an arm drag that surprises Kruger. Kruger with a gut shot, side headlock applied. Kruger with a shoulder tackle, Zayn with a leapfrog, then hits his trifecta of spinning arm drags. Kruger sent into the corner, then hits the 10 punches in the corner. Kruger, though, brings Zayn out of the corner and hits an inverted atomic drop. Kruger off the ropes, Zayn comes back with a leg lariat that sends Kruger to the outside. Zayn with a head of steam, but Kruger catches him with a forearm. Both are down as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial as Kruger with a flurry of back clubs to Zayn in the corner. Zayn fights back, but Kruger with a big chop. Snapmare and Kruger gets a 1 count. Snap suplex for another 1 count. Kruger with a hammerlock, then drives multiple knee drops to the hammerlocked arm. Kruger pulls back on the other arm of Zayn as the crowd wills Zayn on. Another knee drop, this time to the back of Zayn’s head. Zayn fights back. but Kruger sends Zayn hard into the corner. Zayn goes up and over, Kruger misses 2 clotheslines, but Kruger catches Zayn with a spinebuster for a nearfall. Kruger has words with the ref, then goes to the middle turnbuckle. Kruger goes for a front elbow drop, but Zayn moves out of the way.

Zayn with 2 clotheslines, Kruger misses a clothesline, Zayn with a dropkick for a nearfall. Kruger runs into a back elbow, Zayn goes to the middle turnbuckle, crossbody for a nearfall. Crowd chants for Zayn as he charges, but Kruger gets his knees up. Zayn is sent shoulder-first into the ringpost. Kruger applies a Fujiwara armbar, but Zayn gets his foot on the bottom rope. Zayn slips out of a slam, but Kruger fights Zayn off. However, Zayn pulls Kruger back in, Blue Thunder Bomb for a nearfall. Zayn heads up top, but Kruger stops him. Kruger goes up with Zayn, top rope superplex connects. Kruger fires himself up, hits a Divorce Court.

GC3 applied, Zayn has no choice but to tap-out.

Winner: “The Big Game Hunter” Leo Kruger by submission (The GC3)

Kruger celebrates his win while Zayn is writhing in pain.

Backstage, Renee Young is with Adrian Neville, Corey Graves and William Regal. Renee asks if the war with the Wyatt Family will end tonight. Neville says that tonight is just a taste of what we have in store for the Wyatt Family. We are ready and next week, Corey Graves and myself become the new NXT Tag Team Champions. Graves says that he has heard a lot of talking, it seems that is all Bray Wyatt wants to do is talk. Tonight, I’m gonna let my fists do the talking instead. Regal says randomly that Renee looks lovely. Regal says that when we was born, the doctor slapped his behind. What did I do? I broke his fingers and headbutted him. As Graves said that talking with his tattooed fists, the best thing the Wyatt Family can do tonight is take the bloody good hiding that you got coming to you and stay down, as Graves shows off the “stay down” tattoo on his knuckles.


Back from commercial and before our next match, Enzo Amore has a mic. Enzo says that he and “Big Cass” are the realest guys in the room. Last week, what Ryan did to us was pure manure. Ryan hit me with a cheapshot, that’s SAWFT. Ryan is like a kid in dodgeball who gets pegged, but stays in the game. We don’t like you and now Ryan, you got a problem. 1 plus 1, meathead, equals 3.14, PI, meathead!

Handicap Match: “The Colossus of Cardiff” Mason Ryan vs. Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady

Ryan goes after Cassady, Enzo leaps on his back, Ryan slams him down. Cassady with a right hand, Enzo joins in, double team ensues. Double whip, but Ryan with a double clothesline. Enzo and Cassady whipped to opposite corners. Ryan with an avalanche to Cassady, then catches Enzo, but Cassady with a big boot and Enzo covers Ryan for a nearfall. Double team continues on Ryan, but Ryan fights out.

Ryan lifts up Cassady, but Enzo with a chop block and Cassady covers Ryan for the victory.

Winners: Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady by pinfall

Enzo and Cassady celebrate their win while Ryan is left seething in the ring.


Back from commercial, NXT GM Dusty Rhodes says that great decisions make great matches for the NXT Universe. Over the last few weeks, things have gotten out of hand with a couple of guys. Cesaro, Kruger & Zayn. Next week, we will crown a #1 Contender as Kruger, Zayn & Cesaro will face each other in a Triple Threat match.

The Wyatt Family comes out for our main event. Bray Wyatt has a mic and says that his heart bleeds for William Regal. No matter what we do to Neville, Graves and Regal, or how bad it gets, they keep coming back and they fight and for what? For some foolish sense of pride. I think in time they will realize that this was all a mistake. In time, they will realize that I am a wolf raised by a lamb and in time, they will find that this very night right now, it was their ending and that time itself belongs to Bray Wyatt. Follow the buzzards!

Main Event in a 6-Man Tag Team Grudge Match: The Wyatt Family (“The Eater of Worlds” Bray Wyatt & NXT Tag Team Champions Luke Harper & Erick Rowan) vs. “The Man That Gravity Forgot” Adrian Neville, “The Savior of Misbehavior” Corey Graves & William Regal

Crowd chants for Regal as the bell sounds. Commentary mentions that Kassius Ohno sustained a shoulder injury in the Wyatt Family attack a couple weeks ago. Neville and Rowan will start. Neville with gut shots, but Rowan throws him into the corner. Neville fights back, slides under Rowan’s legs and hits a dropkick. Regal in, uppercuts and left-hand forearms. Knees to the face, Graves tagged in. Graves with right hands, but Rowan mows down Graves with a shoulder tackle. Harper in, gut shot to Graves. Graves slips out of a slam, hits a dropkick. Graves with a figure four neck lock in the corner. Regal in, mule kicks to Harper. Neville in, does some mule kicks of his own while Regal has the ref distracted. Harper goes to the outside to re-group. Wyatt conferences with his family as we go to commercial.


Next week on NXT, its Bayley vs. Charlotte, NXT Champ Bo Dallas vs. Scott Dawson and Leo Kruger vs. Antonio Cesaro vs. Sami Zayn in a #1 Contenders Match.

Back from commercial Harper has taken over on Neville. Neville goes up and over with a backflip, dropkick to Harper’s knees, sliding dropkick for a 1 count. Harper goes to the eyes, then Wyatt with a clothesline from the apron. Wyatt in, stomps away at Neville. Wyatt drops his body weight down on Neville. Neville sent into the corner, Wyatt with gut shots. Harper in, uppercut, then does the “Yeah Yeah Yeah” chant. Harper with a back elbow for a nearfall. Harper drives Neville down by the hair, then walks across him to tag in Rowan. Harper whipped into Neville, then Neville sent right into a big slam by Rowan for a nearfall. Multiple knees to the gut, pumphandle backbreaker for a nearfall. Rowan stands on the back of Neville’s neck, then applies a half crab. Elbow drop, Wyatt tagged in. Headbutt, then Wyatt walks across Neville. Neville avoids a Wyatt charge and fights back. Wyatt misses a clothesline, but blocks a crucifix attempt with a Samoan Drop for a nearfall. Harper in, stomps to Neville. Neville comes back with a jawbreaker, tries to make a tag, but Harper slams him down for a nearfall. Harper with a unique submission applied as the crowd wills on Neville. Neville with a knee strike to get out of a suplex, roll-up for a nearfall. Neville sent onto the apron, comes back with a shoulder. Back elbow knocks Rowan off the apron. Neville slingshots back in, but Harper catches him. Neville tries to counter with a Sunset flip, but Harper blocks it. However, Neville catches him with a kick to the head from underneath. Neville avoids an elbow drop, tags in Regal.

Regal with left-hand forearms to Harper, followed by knees to the head. Exploder, then shots to Rowan and Wyatt on the apron. More knees to the head of Harper, followed by the Knee Trembler, but Rowan breaks up the pinfall. Graves in, takes out Rowan with a Cactus clothesline. Neville comes in, head of steam, Foxbury Flop taking out Rowan as well as Graves. Wyatt tags in, says something to Regal.

Sister Abigail connects for the victory.

Winners: The Wyatt Family by pinfall (Sister Abigail)

Wyatt stands tall as we go to credits.