Deadspin covers Reddit user leaking outcomes for WWE

Barry Petchesky of is featuring a lengthy article looking at a Reddit user on the pro wrestling forum (going by the title “Dolphins1925”) exposing the outcomes of WWE events – more specifically major Pay Per View events.

The article added, “He claims he doesn’t work for WWE himself, but has a source who does. He claims he’s revealing the results in order to embarrass the company, so it’ll realize how leaky its ship is. ‘I am hoping that spreading the word will get WWE’s attention,’ he wrote. ‘I am hoping that it will put a stop to spoilers from being leaked.’ The Reddit community didn’t realize what they had at first. After he went 5-for-5 in the Elimination Chamber, including predicting the winner of a six-man match, one user told him ‘Your predictions were very… sharp.’ Despite his noble intentions, Dolphins1925’s project hadn’t yet come to success; we’re told that WWE creative didn’t know he existed before today.”

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