WWE Main Event Results 7/17/13

WWE Main Event
July 17, 2013
Providence, Rhode Island
Commentary Team: Josh Mathews, The Miz
Report by: Clinton Bowman of RadioInfluence.com

Christian vs. Fandango

Mike Chioda calls for the bell, and Christian takes control quickly. Fandango whips Christian into the ropes, followed up with a body slam in the middle of the ring. Fandango maintains control, until Christian sends him flying out of the ring. Christian goes high and knocks Fandango down with a diving clothesline. Christian sends Fandango into the ring and goes up to the top again. Summer Rae attempts to distract him, as Christian dodges Fandango’s counter attempt, only to get caught with a front suplex into the ropes, sending Christian to the outside.

*commercial break*

Fandango is in control of Christian as we come back from commercial. Fandango hits a cross chop after whipping him across the ring, following that up with a pinfall attempt. Christian kicks out at two, and Christian gets picked up by Fandango. Fandango rag dolls Christian into the corner, does a little dance and kicks him hard in the face. Christian gets up, and slaps the taste out of Fandango’s mouth a few times, and Christian hits a diving elbow drop, and begins a flurry of offense before pinning Fandango, only to get two. Christian goes up to the top for his patented crossbody, but Fandango rolls through and pins Christian, only to get two as well. Fandango hits a sick shoulder block, but Christian tries to hit the Killswitch, after getting picked up, as both men counter each other’s moves once, resulting in a jump kick by Fandango. Fandango attempts the top rope leg drop, but Christian gets out of the way. Christian goes for the spear, gets kneed in the face, and as Fandango tried for the suplex, Christian rolls him up for the victory!

Winner via roll-up: Christian

Raw Rebound: Heyman gets CAWLED OWT~ by CM Punk.

On Smackdown this Friday Night: Paul Heyman

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Natalya & Layla vs. Alicia Fox & Aksana

Would I be wrong when I say that this match may be short? Anyways, Nattie and Aksana start the match, where Natalya quickly locks in a leg submission on Aksana. Aksana maintains head control, until Natalya hits the snapmare into the sharpshooter attempt, but Aksana gets to the ropes. Aksana begs her off for a time out, and extends her hand for a handshake, and Nattie stomps her hand. Aksana tags in Alicia, who takes control of Natalya very quickly, attempting the same trick that Natalya did, only for Nattie to take advantage. Layla gets tagged in, and takes control herself. Layla goes for the LOL, but Alicia hits a sweet dropkick for two separate pinfall attempts. Aksana gets tagged in, and drops Layla with a low kick and pins her for a two count. Aksana controls Layla in the corner, until she counters with a kick in the boo-tay. Layla tries to tag Nattie, but doesn’t get the tag, as Aksana cuts her off and knocks Nattie to the apron. Layla with the Chick Kick and Layla takes the match!

Winner via Chick Kick: Layla and Natalya

Up Next: John Cena makes a historic decision regarding the WWE Championship Match at SummerSlam 2013!

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At SummerSlam: The Cenation Commander takes on the Ultimate YES! Man! John Cena v. Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship!

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On SmackDown: Chris Jericho v. Curtis Axel for the Intercontinental Championship!

Justin Gabriel vs. Heath Slater

First of all, DON’T HINDER JINDER. Secondly, Heath Slater takes rear control to start, as Slater and Gabriel trade holds, until Slater arm drags Gabriel into the corner. Justin Gabriel hits a shoulder block on Slater, followed by a stylish arm drag. Gabriel and Slater start a woo-off, until Gabriel hits a hurricanrana to send Slater to the outside. Slater gets rolled back into the ring and Drew catches Gabriel with a sweep of the legs while he was standing on the apron. Heath Slater takes advantage of the distraction as he begins to increase his control as we go to commercial!

*commercial break*

Gabriel gets KICKED IN HIS CHEST by Slater as we come back from commercial. Slater keeps Gabriel grounded until a pin attempt was made by Slater, which wasn’t counted by the ref. Slater argues with the ref, allowing Gabriel to take control for a small period of time, until Slater drops him with a boot. Slater goes up to the top and attempts a high flying maneuver, and Gabriel moves out the way! Gabriel begins taking control until the Wyatt Family interrupts and attacks both men in the ring.

No Winner due to Wyatt Family Interference.


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