Jim Ross has added an update on his health over on his official website since suffering a third Bell’s Palsy attack.

“We got some medical tests back this morning which eliminated me having MS which was a relief. We had been waiting on that news for over a week. We have more tests scheduled next week as the process is essentially trying to eliminate issues that I might have but likely don’t. The waiting process gets a little stressful and my wife is a Saint for putting up with my orneriness as patience isn’t a virtue for yours truly.

The list of folks who have been emailing me and texting me from within the wrestling biz is amazing. I’m printing many of these communications as I think that they might fit well into a book somewhere down the road.

One concerned emailer to this site responded to my last blog with the fact that WWE has “moved on without me.” The way I see it, WWE had to move on without me, for now, as they have shows to do and I am unable to carry my share of the water. If the new broadcast teams click and I am not needed on a weekly basis then, poor me, I will find other projects on which to work. Yeah, getting off the road 51 weeks a year would be a real heart breaker. I’m partially joking here but until I get healthy WWE has to move forward without me and get their work done. I am pulling for Todd Grisham and Matt Striker to light it up on Friday night’s.

Without sounding pretentious or egocentric, I don’t think that I will have any issues finding projects to do if the new announce teams jell as every one should hope.

Most importantly, that is NOT a concern of mine at this time but getting healthy is. WWE has been nothing but supportive of my situation and if things work out we will be doing business together for years to come. Again, NOT a concern. But conspiracy theorists can make with this info what they choose.”

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