WWE taping two weeks of television this week

Due to the upcoming overseas tours in Australia and South Africa, WWE will be taping two weeks worth of television for RAW and Smackdown this week in Texas. Tapings including 7/22 in Austin for RAW, 7/23 in Laredo (for the 7/29 RAW), 7/24 in Corpus Christi (for the 7/26 Smackdown) and 7/25 in Houston (for the 8/2 Smackdown).

Notes on the WWE returns of Big Show, Kofi Kingston

As reported on earlier, WWE is advertising Big Show as returning on tomorrow night’s 7/22 RAW in Austin, Texas. He had been out of action with a knee injury for the last few months. According to a report by Dave Meltzer, Big Show was “noticeably limping” when he was taking part in the panel at the Money in the Bank PPV last Sunday.

Kofi Kingston is scheduled to return in two weeks as he is advertised for the upcoming Australia tour. Kingston was also part of the panel at the Money in the Bank PPV.

[Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter]