Second report from 7/30 WWE event in Perth, Australia

Glen Varis passed along this live report.

WWE in Perth at the NEW Perth Arena
July 30th 2013

Almost sold out and for the first time WWE comes to Perth in the 9 month or so since the old arena. This crowd was the best I’ve seen at a WWE event here and hats off to them. As loud as Chicago, but not as outspoken.

3 Way for a shot at U.S. Champ Dean Ambrose:
Zack Ryder vs Heath Slater vs Antonio Cesaro.

Slater was booed, Ryder was mid way but Cesaro was cheered throughout the match, As he was by far the most entertaining. Slater kept trying to get back in the ring, but both other men kept knocking him back out. Probably the highlight was Cesaro’s 45 or so second `big swing` which got a HUGE pop after about 30 seconds. Poor Slater was almost comatose. Ryder with a sneaky win. (Boo) Also the `We the people` sing-a-long was deafening everytime Cesaro did it. Am now a fan.

Aksana vs Natalya.

Went and bought a Daniel Bryan T-shirt while this was going on, but Nattie got the pin after I got back.

Jinder Mahal vs Khali

Khali got the pop and the win with the chop to the head. Afterwards some kiddies got to dance Bollywood style with Khali.

Dean Ambrose vs Ryder

Surprised Ambrose came through the crowd RAW style. Usual close calls, Ambrose with his wicked finisher for the win.


Miz vs Curtis Axel – Perth Street fight

The fans were asked what sort of match they wanted – A 2 out of 3 falls or a PSF. 2 out of 3 falls got booed louder than Heath Slater so we got the PSF. A true PSF would involve getting hit in the face with a beer glass, but that’s another story. Lots of stick and chairs and odds and ends.

Axel with the win (So glad he isn’t Mcgilli…Because it’s a pain to spell)

Here is comes the reason I gave in and went this time – YES! YES! YES! Loudest pop of the night for Daniel Bryan. Kane followed for their match against Reigns and Rollins. Lots of good stuff, with Ambrose getting the Shield DQ’d after using a chair on Bryan.

After the match Bryan got on the mic and asked if his chokeslam was better than Kanes (Yes he attempted one in the match) The crowd was mostly NO! NO! NO! To which Bryan said he would prove his was, and then attempted to CS Kane who just stood there. Which got a big laugh, Then Kane went to do it to Bryan who begged Kane let go and then we got a `hug` chant. Which was rewarded with a quick show of bromance. Worth the money right there.

Tables match: John Cena vs Ryback

Ryback got on the mic and abused the crowd to which he stated something like `I’m going to win the title, get a beer. go out on to the street, pull my pants down and take a huge Goldberg on the middle of the road` (I kid you not) He kept going back to a section of fans everytime Cena was down and was yelling at them, At one point yelling `Ryyyback Ryyyyback` when they did the Goldberg thing. Anyway A quick match (Less than 10 minutes) Cena FU….Er AA’s Rybread though the table. No usual speech from Cena after that.

Over all better than I thought it would be. But I say that every year. Oh after Cena left and people were filing out they played Fandango’s music and yes the whole arena `Fandago’d` as they were leaving. Even outside people were singing and `yes yes yesing` on the streets. Never saw that at the Burswood dome. Awesome job by WWE and all the guys who did not phone it in at all. And awesome job by the fans.