Buyrates down for Extreme Rules, Payback events in 2013

WWE has revealed the official Pay Per View buyrate figures for Wrestlemania 29, Extreme Rules and Payback events in 2013 courtesy of the company’s second quarter results issued on Thursday morning.

* Wrestlemania 29 on 4/7/13 drew 1,039,000 buys, down from 1,217,000 buys in 2012.

* Extreme Rules on 5/19/13 drew 231,000 buys, down from 263,000 buys in 2012.

* Payback on 6/16/13 drew 186,000 buys, down from 194,000 buys in 2012 when the PPV was called No Way Out.

Overall Pay Per View revenue for WWE in the 2013 first quarter decreased by 3% to $37.1 million compared to $40.8 million in the same quarter last year. Buys for the events also decreased by 13% compared to last year. The $3.7 million decline was attributed to the fact that there was one less PPV in this quarter with Over the Limit being taken off the second quarter PPV schedule in 2013. 

WWE did note that the average revenue per buy did increase by 12% in this quarter due to an increase in purchases of events in HD coming at a higher retail price and a 9% increase in the domestic retail price for Wrestlemania 29.

Source: WWE