WWE 2K14 to have a special “Phenom edition”

Today, IGN announced that there will be a Phenom edition of WWE 2K14, set to come out this October for all major video game consoles. The edition will include an American Bad Ass version of the Undertaker as a playable character.

For more info on the Phenom edition of WWE 2K14, click here

The Rock speaks with the Associated Press

The Associated Press has a new interview up with the Rock where he talks about his Wrestlemania 29 match with John Cena and if he will return to the ring. 

“I’d like to leave it open. But if I’d never wrestle again, I’d be very content with that.  Winning or losing never really mattered to me. The whole idea was to put on a great match. Got injured in that match. Still was able to walk out on my own, which I was more happy about. I don’t know. We’ll see.”

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