WWE NXT Results – 8/1/13 (Tag Team main event)

WWE NXT results 7/25/13

WWE NXT Results
August 1, 2013
Full Sail University 
Commentators: Tony Dawson, William Regal
Report by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

We see the usual intro, then we go to the ramp way where Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady have made their way onto it.

Enzo introduces himself and “Big Cass”. Badaboom, realest guys in the room! Cassady says that since arriving in NXT, one thing that we are is un-de-feated! One thing that we are not……is S-A-W-F-T……SAWFT!! Enzo says that when he looks at this NXT landscape, I see a dance floor and we will dance! Cassady begins singing Italian while Enzo is dancing around the ring. They are interrupted by the music of Tons of Funk as they their make to the way to the ring.

Tons of Funk do some dancing while Enzo & Cassady leave the ring. Tons of Funk apparently wanna have a match with Enzo & Cassady, but they don’t want any part of Tons of Funk as they back their way up the ramp. The music of Mason Ryan then hits as he comes out on the ramp way. Ryan backs Enzo & Cassady into the ring where they are met by Tons of Funk. Tons of Funk with stereo avalanches to Enzo & Cassady, then a double splash to Cassady. Ryan comes in, grabs Enzo and nails him with the Cobra Clutch Slam. Ryan gives high fives to Tons of Funk and goes to leave, but Tons of Funk want him to dance. Ryan gets back in, the music hits and does some dancing with Tons of Funk.

We go backstage where NXT Commissioner Dusty Rhodes is with new NXT Women’s Champion Paige and Emma. Dusty congratulates both of them on their match last week. Summer Rae interrupts and says that these two are future of the Divas division? I’m the first lady of NXT, plus I have beaten Paige before, so why don’t you hand over that pretty little title to me? Paige says how about I break your face, then hand your teeth back to you? Summer says that none of this wouldn’t have happened if Emma hadn’t stolen a victory from me. Emma says she won fair and square, so that makes Summer a loser and your dancing sucks, too. Summer wants to know if Emma is mocking the art of dance. Summer then challenges Emma to a dance contest next week, which Dusty calls the most ridculous thing I have ever heard in my life. Emma accepts, but she wants it to be called a “dance battle”. Emma says she will win, while doing the Cabbage Patch. Paige tells both of them to shut up and says that regardless of who wins, whoever faces me is going to lose.


Back from commercial, its time for our opening match.

Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks

Charlotte lets out a “Wooo” as the bell sounds. Sasha with a side headlock into a takedown. Charlotte with a pinning predicament for a 1 count. Sasha with an arm drag, followed by a dropkick for a nearfall. Arm drag into an armbar. Charlotte goes up and over, does a backflip, then a split. Charlotte’s Web roll-up for a nearfall. Big chop by Charlotte, which sets Sasha off, as she unloads with a series of overhand slaps and chops to Charlotte. Knucklelock applied, Sasha runs up the ropes and hits a lucha-style arm drag for a nearfall. Camel Clutch applied as Sasha sits down to apply more pressure. She turns it into a cradle for a nearfall. Shotgun Knees in the corner by Sasha, but when she whips Charlotte to the other corner, Charlotte does her own version of the Flair Flip onto the apron. Charlotte avoids a right hand, sends Sasha off the turnbuckles. Back in, Charlotte hits a clothesline.

Basement Somersault Ace Crusher! 1-2-3!

Winner: Charlotte by pinfall (Basement Somersault Ace Crusher)

Charlotte lets out another “Wooo” afterwards as she celebrates with the crowd.

Backstage, Renee Young is with Tyler Breeze, who is taking “selfies” of himself with his iPhone. Renee asks Breeze about his debut last week. Breeze says it was amazing, magnifecient, breath-taking. It was just like me, gorgeous. All of a sudden, we see CJ Parker walk in behind Breeze and begins to “photo-bomb” Breeze’s pictures. Breeze says that is what he has been trying to tell everyone is that when you look at someone like me, I am the most super, good-looking, piece of gorgeousness that anyone is ever going to see. I’m really not sure the world is ready for it. That is why I have been giving them a little taste here and a little taste there. Breeze says we are done, so Renee can stay being Renee and I’ll just stay being me, Tyler Breeze. Breeze goes to leave, but comes back and wants Renee to say something and she’ll know when to say it. Breeze leaves as Renee says that “Tyler Breeze has left the building”.


Back from commercial, its time for our next match.

Aiden English and Mickey Keegan vs. The Wyatt Family (Luke Harper & Erick Rowan) w/Bray Wyatt

The Wyatt Family have their WWE “lantern” entrance here for NXT. The Wyatt Family go right after Keegan and English. Running avalanche by Harper to English. Rowan in, discus clothesline by Harper.

Big splash by Rowan! 1-2-3!

Winners: The Wyatt Family by pinfall (Splash)

Afterwards, Wyatt comes in, kisses English on the head, then nails him with Sister Abigail. Rowan has put the sheep mask back on as the crowd chants “one more time”.

Wyatt grabs a mic and says that there are several different types of men in this world. There are men who dream and never make it off their couch. There are men who dream and fail. And then there are men who dream and change the landscape of this world. People like Bray Wyatt. Well, what about you, man? Aren’t you tired of feeling un-wanted? Aren’t you tired of feeling like an outcast and being stepped upon? Well then today was your day because today was the day that I decided that I was gonna change everything. Today is the day that hell froze, today is the day that pigs fly, today is the day that my people looked fear in the eye and said “Mr. Fear, sir, you are a liar.” Today, I want you to go and tell these so-called world leaders that they better heed my warning, take notice to Bray Wyatt, because today is the day that Bray Wyatt decided to bring down the machine. “Bring it down” chants by the crowd. Today, we say goodbye to NXT……..for now. If you need me, I won’t be hard to find. Look up in the sky and FOLLOW THE BUZZARDS!

One more thing, “Time is on my side”.

We go backstage with the new NXT Tag Team Champions Adrian Neville and Corey Graves. Neville says he knows Graves has a match tonight with Scott Dawson, but I want you to know, I will be out there. Graves wants to know why and Neville says this isn’t about Dawson or LeFort, this is about the Wyatt Family. Who is to say that they are gonna want payback? As far as I’m concerned, we’re better safe than sorry. Graves says that if the Wyatts think they have been through a war, they haven’t seen anything yet. If they think they have been through hell in their lives, maybe we need to show them what hell is really like. We are the Tag Team Champions, we don’t run from anybody.


Back from commercial, Sylvester LeFort comes out onto the ramp way. LeFort says that in this business, just like in life, money is all that matters. Now when I think about money, I think of one man, Scott Dawson!

NXT Tag Team Champion “The Savior of Misbehavior” Corey Graves w/Adrian Neville vs. Scott Dawson w/Sylvester LeFort

Crowd chants for Graves as the bell sounds. Dawson works on the arm, hits a forearm. Dawson avoids a charge, sends Graves onto the 2nd rope, followed by a stiff soccer kick to the ribs. Leg drop, but Graves fights back. Back elbow by Dawson for a nearfall. Dawson with a kick and an elbow drop for a nearfall. Dawson pulls at Graves’s face, followed by an elbow to the head for another nearfall. Headbutt to the kidneys, but Graves side steps a back drop.

Front chop block, Lucky 13 applied, Dawson taps out.

Winner: NXT Tag Team Champion “The Savior of Misbehavior” Corey Graves by submission (Lucky 13)

Neville celebrates with his tag partner afterwards, but then we hear the music of the Shield as they way make their way onto the ramp way. Seth Rollins says that the Shield is back! I know Graves remembers us, because last time we were here, we left you in a heap. Congrats, though, on winning the Tag Team Titles, you are almost like myself and Roman, but not quite. Dean Ambrose says for Neville to listen up. You won a belt, but you can’t call yourself a champion because you slid into Kassius Ohno’s spot, you didn’t earn the title. You’re a thief, a crook and that’s an injustice, an injustice punishable by the law of the Shield. So, you just won the lottery. I’m givng you a chance to touch greatness. I’m laying out the challenge, step into the ring with Dean Ambrose so I can make you pay for your crimes.

Neville gets a mic and says that Ambrose talks, you wanna face me, that’s great. But, let’s make a little bit more interesting. Why don’t you put your US Title on the line and why don’t we do it right now? The Shield confers and Ambrose asks if Neville knows who he is talking to? You are not talking to some NXT chump, you’re talking to the US champion, the best singles champion in this industry. We’ll do this, but next week. Neville says that he’ll have to wait til next week to be the guy that destroys the Shield, piece by piece, brick by brick, starting with Ambrose. Next week, when I take that US title from you, justice will finally be served, believe in that!


Next week, its Adrian Neville vs. Dean Ambrose for the WWE US Title. Emma vs. Summer Rae in a Dance Battle. And finally, its Bo Dallas defending the NXT Title against Leo Kruger.

Now, its time for our main event.

Main Event in a Tag Team Grudge Match: “The Big Game Hunter” Leo Kruger & “The Swiss Superman” Antonio Cesaro vs. Sami Zayn & NXT Champion Bo Dallas

Zayn and Kruger will start. “OLE” chants for Zayn. Kruger backs Zayn into the corner, then brings him out to the center. Kruger works on the arm, but Zayn counters out with an arm drag. Kruger with a knee to the ribs and 2 back clubs. Zayn goes up and over, then hits his trifecta of arm drags into an arm bar. Bo tags in, but Kruger avoids a double sledge and tags in Cesaro. Standing switch as the crowd chants “We the People”. Bo takes Cesaro down, then hits 2 arm drags into an arm bar. Cesaro stops Bo from making a tag and hits a back elbow in the corner. Cesaro with a running boot that knocks Zayn off the apron. Bo comes back with a dropkick, tags in Zayn, but Cesaro tags in Kruger. Zayn gives chase to Cesaro, but Kruger catches him coming back in the ring with a right hand. Kruger stomps away at Zayn, then tags in Cesaro. Short-arm clothesline and Cesaro stands on Zayn’s chest for a nearfall. Zayn fights back, but Cesaro drives him into his corner and tags in Kruger as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial as Kruger looks at Bo and hits a snap suplex on Zayn for a nearfall. Cesaro in, but Zayn fights back. Cesaro with knees to the ribs, followed by a big uppercut for a nearfall. Cesaro locks in the Crainal Crank, but Zayn drives Cesaro into the corner. Cesaro then drives Zayn into his corner, Kruger tags in. Headbutt, followed by a double knee drop for a nearfall. Chinlock applied, crowd wills on Zayn. Zayn fights out, Sunset flip for a nearfall. Kruger drags Zayn back to his corner, Cesaro tags in. Kruger & Cesaro then make a wish on Zayn. Cesaro stomps away, big forearms in the corner. Zayn fights back, but Cesaro powerbombs him from out of the ropes for a nearfall. Kruger in, double stomps to Zayn. Knee driven into the back of Zayn’s head, Kruger gains a nearfall. Cesaro in, chinlock applied. Cesaro shoves Zayn into the ropes, but Zayn responds with a boot. Kruger tags in, Zayn counters out with a victory roll, then tags in Bo.

3 flying forearms and a clothesline to Kruger. Bo is fired up as he hits the Acid Drop, but Cesaro breaks up the pinfall. Zayn with a Cactus Clothesline sending him and Cesaro to the outside. Zayn and Cesaro brawl up the ramp way all the way to the back. Bo hits a powerslam that sends Kruger to the outside. Kruger tries to leave, but Bo brings him back in. Bo charges, but Kruger gets his knees up.

Slice! 1-2-3!

Winners: “The Big Game Hunter” Leo Kruger & “The Swiss Superman” Antonio Cesaro by pinfall (The Slice)

Kruger celebrates his win doing his “Kruger” chant as we go to credits.