WWE Main Event Results 8/7/13

WWE Main Event Results
August 7, 2013
Rockford, Illinois
Commentators: Josh Mathews and Mike “The Miz” Mizanin
Report by: Clinton Bowman of Wrestleview.com

Josh Mathews and The Miz welcome us to Main Event, as the Shield makes their way to the ring. But there’s one more thing that’s important:


Main Event
6 Man Tag Exhibition
Mark Henry & The Usos v. The Shield

Seth Rollins and Jimmy Uso open up the match, trading control of each other in the ring. Jimmy Uso hits a shoulder knockdown, and whips Rollins to the ropes, countering Rollins’s arm drag attempt into a clothesline into a pinfall attempt. Rollins kicks out at two and Jimmy tags in Jey. Jey gets attacked by Rollins, who tags in Dean Ambrose, who takes control. Jey regains quick control after an arm drag counter, tagging in Jimmy. Jimmy quickly tags in Mark Henry. Henry imposes his will easily on Ambrose, until Ambrose gets out of the way and tags in Roman Reigns. Reigns easily takes control of Henry in the corner, until Henry boots a charging Reigns. Henry throws Roman out of the ring, and Seth gets taken out by the Usos. Jimmy rocks the Umaga Bulldozer, and sets up Henry, until Rollins, who gets pulled out by the Shield.

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Roman Reigns regains control of the situation, tagging in Dean Ambrose, who does a little damage before tagging Seth Rollins. Jimmy Uso counters a Seth Rollins senton attempt and tags in Jey Uso for the hot tag. Seth counters with an enziguiri, and tags in Roman Reigns, who drops Jimmy like a sack of potatoes for a failed pin attempt. Roman keeps Jey on the defensive, tagging in Dean Ambrose, who proceeds to choke Jey out. Jey stomps Dean’s foot to counter, however, Ambrose keeps control by choking Jey with his shin. Rollins gets tagged in, playing around with Jey, until Jey slaps the taste out of his mouth a few times. Jey tries for the tag, and Rollins stops him, slamming him to the mat for a failed pin attempt. Roman gets tagged in, and maintains control of Jey, shooting the half after body slamming him for a failed attempt. The Shield keep with the fresh tags, until Jey knocks both Rollins and Ambrose down. Henry gets tagged in, knocking everybody around like a rag doll. Henry sends Rollins into Ambrose, and splashes them both in the corner. Jimmy Uso gets tagged in after a Henry bodyslam and hits Air Uso, but as the ref was distracted, Rollins curb stomps Jimmy into the ground.

Winners via Curb Stomp: The Shield (Ambrose pins Jimmy Uso)

Later: Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel v. Sin Cara

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We get a backstage promo from the Shield (mostly Dean Ambrose,) calling themselves the new measuring sticks. BE’LEE IN DA SHIELD~!

Undercard Match
Divas Match
Natalya Neidhart v. Aksana

The match begins as Nattie rolls up Aksana early, getting one. Aksana slaps Nattie, taking her down with a snapmare into a rear head lock, and Nattie counters easily into a leg guillotine. Nattie wrenches the arm, and the tables get turned as Aksana counters a rear choke into a leg guillotine. Nattie locks the leg of Aksana, who quickly gets to the ropes. Nattie whips Aksana, who shoulder blocks her down easy. Aksana takes control until Natalya attempts a Sharpshooter. Aksana gets to the ropes quickly, and clips the leg of Nattie, who clutches her leg. Aksana goes after the leg, and locks it into the rope. Aksana continues the assault on Nattie’s leg. Aksana hits the Black Matter low kick, and fails a pin attempt. Aksana goes for Nattie’s leg, and Nattie counters into the Sharpshooter! Aksana almost gets to the ropes, and Nattie pulls her into the center of the ring and Aksana taps like Doris Day!

Winner via Sharpshooter: Natalya Neidhart

Up Next: The Lead up to the Best v. The Beast!

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Undercard Match
Non-Title Match
Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel v. Sin Cara

The Funky Lights are back on, and the crowd is chanting for Curtis Axel (at least they didn’t call him Michael McGillicutty.) Axel and Cara tie it up mid ring, and the match slows down for a minute, until Cara loses control to Axel. Axel gets countered by Sin Cara, who wrenches the arm of Axel. Sin Cara fails a sunset flip pin, and Axel maintains control of Sin Cara throughout the match. (Mind you, this match isn’t the main focus. Heyman on commentary is.) Sin Cara sends Curtis Axel to the outside, following it up with a Tope Plancha. Axel stops Sin Cara’s offense, when he shoulder blocks Sin Cara towards the announce table.

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Axel comes off the top, and fails a pin attempt. Curtis Axel locks a stretch on Sin Cara. Cara counters Axel, but gets drop kicked like a boss. Curtis shoots the half, but Cara kicks out at two. Axel hits a blockbuster from the top and fails another pinfall attempt. The crowd is chanting for Sin Cara, as Axel drops dem bows. Cara dodges the last elbow, and kicks the taste out of Curtis Axel’s mouth. Sin Cara shoots the half, Axel kicks out at 2 and Axel gains control, until Sin Cara dropkicks him from the top. Sin Cara and Axel are both down, however, Cara gets to his feet first, and begins the comeback! Sin Cara goes flying like a BAHWS, and Curtis Axel kicks out at two! Sin Cara hits a reverse cutter, and Curtis Axel again kicks out at two. Sin Cara counters a flying Axel, and fails a pinfall attempt. Sin Cara sets up for the top rope moonsault, and Axel counters easily. Axel hits the Axel Cutter, and this match is done!

Winner via Axel Cutter: Curtis Axel

And this is it for WWE Main Event this week!

Clinton Bowman

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