Update on Big Show and his return to WWE

Big Show is currently rehabbing down in Orlando at the new WWE Performance Center following a recent procedure on his hip according to a new report by Mike Johnson. WWE had originally promoted his return for the 7/22 RAW taping, but held him off TV.

[Source: PWInsider.com]

Mick Foley talks about comedy events, fans upset with current product

Redeyechicago.com is featuring a lengthy interview with WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley where he talks about his comedy events and is asked why wrestling fans are so fixated on past wrestling eras including the Attitude Era and why they can’t seem to move on.

Foley added, “There is a very vocal minority that does the complaining, but I can almost guarantee that the people complaining are also still watching. They moan that it wasn’t what it was for their childhood. I loved being a part of the Attitude Era; it was a very special time. But with the show being PG it forces people to be creative and avoid swearing.”

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