WWE NXT results 8/22/13

WWE NXT Results
August 22, 2013
Full Sail University 
Commentators: Tom Phillips, Alex Riley
Report by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

We see a video package on the rivalry between Sami Zayn & Antonio Cesaro, leading to their 2/3 falls match this week on NXT.

We see the usual intro, then go to our opening match.

WWE Divas Title: Bayley vs. AJ Lee (c)

Pre-match intros for this match. Bayley stops herself from hugging AJ, but the crowd chants for her to do so. Bayley goes to do it, but AJ slams her down. Pair of neckbreakers for a 1 count. Bayley sent off the turnbuckles. Snapmare into a cravate. AJ taunts Bayley, saying if she wants a hug, but she is hugging her neck right now. Crowd wills on Bayley, Bayley fights out, but runs into a back elbow for a 1 count. Bayley sent again off the turnbuckles, AJ stomps away. AJ prances around, but Bayley avoids a charge. Bayley then hugs AJ and drives her into the corner multiple times. AJ is too close to the ropes, so no count was made. Avalanche by Bayley, followed by a big slam for a nearfall. Running knee drop for another nearfall. Bayley goes for two more pin attempts for 1 count. Dueling chants by the crowd. Bayley to the 2nd rope, flying reverse elbow for a nearfall. Bayley asks if AJ is OK, but that allows AJ to hit a spinning back kick to the ribs.

Shining Wizard by AJ for the victory.

Winner and STILL WWE Divas Champion: AJ Lee by pinfall (Shining Wizard)

We go backstage where Kendall Skye runs into Tyler Breeze. Breeze asks if Kendall wants to take a picture, but of himself. Kendall goes to take the picture, but CJ Parker walks up behind Breeze and begins “photo-bombing” the picture. Kendall leaves, but Breeze realizes he has been “photo-bombed” and walks off angrily.


Back from commercial, Michael Zaki and Ron Hicks are in the ring for our next match.

Michael Zaki & Ron Hicks vs. The Ascension (Conor O’Brian & Rick Victor)

O’Brian & Zaki will start. O’Brian starts in his trance, but then hits a gut kick, followed by his trifecta of side headlock takeovers. O’Brian with a unique submission hold centered around the neck of Zaki. Victor in, hits a double chop to the chest of Zaki, while O’Brian held up Zaki in a full nelson. Series of chops & uppercuts in the corner by Victor. Victor with a slam, tags in O’Brian. Double hip-toss slam by the Ascension. Victor in and the Ascension fires up.

Total Elimination variation for the win.

Winners: The Ascension by pinfall (Total Elimination)

O’Brian yells afterward that the Ascension will rise.


Back from commercial, Baron Corbin is in the ring for our next match.

Baron Corbin vs. CJ Parker

Parker is being billed as from the Moonshine Commune and comes out to some psychedelic music. Parker with a side headlock to start. Parker backs away with this weird strut and throws up a peace sign. Parker gets out of a slam, roll-up for a nearfall. Parker then runs into a shoulder tackle by Corbin. Right hands by Corbin, but runs into a boot. Sit-out clothesline by Parker. Shotgun Knees in the corner, followed by a big uppercut.

Front-Face DDT by Parker to get the win.

Winner: CJ Parker by pinfall (Front-Face DDT)

Afterwards, Renee Young comes into interview Parker and asks where he has been for the past few months. Parker says its more like where haven’t I been? I’ve been everywhere, but I finally think that I’ve found what I’ve been looking for. You may call me a hippie, but I’m a guy just going with the flow and having a little fun. Renee mentions Parker “photo-bombing” people. Parker thinks the word “bomb” is harsh, he likes to call it “photo-loving”.

The music of Tyler Breeze hits and he angrily walks to the ring. Breeze asks if “photo-loving” is really what Parker is doing, as we see the photo of Parker “photo-loving” in Breeze’s picture on the Titantron. Parker says he doesn’t see anything wrong with it, just having a little fun, chillax, hot boy, its all just a good time. Breeze says that we are joking now, because the only joke I see is you, you Lenny Kravitz wannabe, as Breeze pokes at Parker’s chest. Parker feigns a right hand and Breeze runs out of the ring. Breeze continues to complain to Parker as he backs up the rampway.


Back from commercial, Alexander Rusev comes to the ring with a board that says “Ziggler” on it and then breaks it over his knee.

Alexander Rusev vs. “The Show-Off” Dolph Ziggler

Commentary mentions Rusev’s Muay Thai & Sumo background, as he is wrestling bare-footed. Quick roll-up by Ziggler for a nearfall. Rusev always starts with a Muay Thai stance, keeping his hands up. Big right hands by Rusev, Ziggler avoids a clothesline, holds onto the ropes and does some strutting. Rusev shoves down Ziggler off a lock-up. Ziggler comes back with a dropkick, avoids a clothesline, but Rusev catches Ziggler off a crossbody, hits some knees to the ribs and dumps Ziggler to the outside. Back in, Rusev with a running shoulder to the ribs for a nearfall. Rusev with an inverted bearhug, but Ziggler gets out with a jawbreaker. Ziggler avoids a charge, big avalanche in the corner. Running dropkick for a nearfall. Rusev comes back with a body block for a nearfall. Rusev screams out in frustration and trash talks Ziggler. Ziggler with a shot to the leg, Fame-Asser for a nearfall. Rusev holds onto the ropes to avoid the Zig-Zag, spinning heel kick for a nearfall. Rusev can’t believe it, then heads up top. Ziggler moves out of the way from a big splash by Rusev.

Zig-Zag by Ziggler for the win.

Winner: “The Show-Off” Dolph Ziggler by pinfall (The Zig-Zag)

Ziggler celebrates his win as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, its time for our main event.

Main Event in a 2/3 Falls Match: Sami Zayn vs. “The Swiss Superman” Antonio Cesaro

Zayn instantly wipes out Cesaro with a flip dive. Back in, Zayn charges and nails Cesaro with a running Yakuza Kick.

Roll-up gets Zayn the first fall.

Sami Zayn wins the 1st fall by pinfall (Roll-Up)

Zayn clotheslines Cesaro to the outside. Double sledge off the apron. Cesaro sent off the steel steps. Cesaro sent off the apron. Zayn breaks the ref’s count, gets Cesaro back in. Cesaro rolls out to the apron, hits a shoulder to the ribs. Zayn catches Cesaro with a leg lariat for a nearfall. Zayn with right hands in the corner, Cesaro blocks a Sunset flip, Zayn avoids a double stomp. Cesaro runs into a back elbow, crossbody by Zayn off the top for a nearfall. Cesaro hot-shots Zayn off the top turnbuckle. Right hands by Cesaro from the mount. Gut shots in the corner. Cesaro with a chinlock, Zayn gets out, but Cesaro re-applies the hold. Zayn breaks out again, but Cesaro with a powerbomb for a nearfall. Cesaro goes back to the chinlock, Zayn gets out with a jawbreaker. Cesaro comes back with a clothesline for a nearfall. Double stomp for another nearfall. Zayn fights back, Cesaro tells him to bring it. Zayn with a series of forearms, but Cesaro lifts him up and slams him down. Another double stomp by Cesaro. Zayn counters the deadlift side salto with a Sunset flip for a nearfall. Zayn avoids a corner charge, rana for a nearfall. Cesaro comes back with a bridging fallaway slam for a nearfall.


Back from commercial as Cesaro measures Zayn. Cesaro applies the Cranial Clutch. Zayn gets out, Cesaro with a shoulder tackle. Cesaro catches a Zayn crossbody, but Zayn rolls him up for a nearfall. Zayn with jabs, then counters a flapjack with a dropkick. Cesaro catches a charge, re-applies the Cranial Clutch and swings Zayn around. Zayn taps out.

Antonio Cesaro wins the 2nd fall via submission (Cranial Clutch)

Ref checks on Zayn, crowd with dueling chants for both guys. Cesaro with a running European uppercut, Zayn barely kicks out! Zayn rolls onto the apron, Cesaro grabs him by the ear. Zayn with shoulders, but Cesaro hot-shots him across the top rope. Cesaro goes to the middle rope, DEADLIFT SUPERPLEX! Cesaro with a cover, Zayn kicks out! Cesaro goozles Zayn, talks trash. Cesaro blocks an inside cradle, Zayn counters a suplex with a roll-up. Cesaro again applies the Cranial Clutch, Zayn flips over and almost pins Cesaro with Cesaro barely kicking out. Another running Yakuza Kick by Zayn, Cesaro barely kicks out again! “This is awesome” chants by the crowd. Cesaro holds onto the ropes to avoid being whipped. Zayn comes back with a Code Red, 1-2………..Cesaro just barely kicks out again! Cesaro rolls out to the outside to catch a breather. Zayn goes out after him on a different side of the ring. Zayn charges, dives through the bottom and middle ropes, catches Cesaro and hits him with a Tornado DDT on the outside! Zayn gets back in as the ref begins his count. Ref gets to the count of 9 and Cesaro dives back in to avoid being counted out. Zayn with a cover, Cesaro kicks out! Zayn with a knucklelock, runs up the ropes for the Tornado DDT, but Cesaro blocks it! Cesaro lifts up Zayn overhead and runs around with him, then throws him up and DRILLS him with Swiss Death!!!

Neutralizer! 1-2-3! What a freaking match!

Winner of the 3rd fall and winner of this match via pinfall: “The Swiss Superman” Antonio Cesaro by pinfall (The Neutralizer)

Cesaro celebrates his win as the crowd gives both men an ovation for the match they just saw. “Match of the Year” chants as we go to credits.