WWE NXT results 8/22/13

WWE NXT Results
August 29, 2013
Full Sail University 
Commentators: Tony Dawson, William Regal
Recap by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

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Backstage, Corey Graves is with Renee Young when Rick Victor walks in. Graves motions for Young to leave. Victor says that he has grown tired of waiting for Graves & Neville. This is our time, we will rise. Graves says why wait, but Conor O’Brian nails Graves from behind. The Ascension stomp away at Graves, then O’Brian drops a steel beam on his chest, telling him to stay down. The Ascension stand over Graves as we go to the usual intro.

We go to our opening match.

“The Moonchild” CJ Parker vs. Tyler Breeze

Parker waits for Breeze as he puts aside his iPhone. Parker does some wacky movements, then goes after Breeze, who tells Parker to stop touching him. “Breeze is Gorgeous” chants by the crowd. Parker goes after the iPhone, but Breeze with right hands. Breeze says for Parker not to touch anything. Parker misses a clothesline, but Breeze avoids a dropkick and retreats to the outside. Breeze says for Parker not to touch his face because its gorgeous. The chase is on, but Breeze goes after Parker when they get back in the ring. Right hands from the mount, Parker sent off the turnbuckles. Breeze with a knee drop for a nearfall. Breeze goes back to his iPhone, but Parker comes back with an airplane spin. Parker then drops down Breeze, followed by a back senton. Shotgun Knees, but Breeze avoids a right hand. Parker goes after Breeze, but the ref gets in-between them.

That allows Breeze to nail Parker with his iPhone to get the win.

Winner: Tyler Breeze by pinfall (Death by an iPhone)

Breeze checks himself in the iPhone afterwards.

Backstage, Renee Young is with Emma. Renee brings up Emma’s rivalry with Summer Rae. Emma says that she has a NXT Women’s Title match whenever she wants it. But that, Paige and my destiny is gonna have to wait. However, Summer Rae only has to wait 2-3 minutes until I go and kick her rear end all over the ring. Then, I will celebrate with bubbles and “Dance Dance Emmalution”. Renee ponders if Dance Dance Emmalution is a thing, to which Emma says it is, you silly wabbit. Emma asks if Renee is in and Renee accepts. Emma says she will Renee in 5 and they do a high-five with Emma’s wacky hand motion.


Back from commercial, ring announcer Kendall Skye announces that Tyler Breeze has left the building.

Grudge Match: Emma vs. “The 1st Lady of NXT” Summer Rae

Emma takes down Summer, but Summer slips out of the Emma Lock. Summer kicks Emma off, hits her floatover DDT. Summer chokes Emma, but Emma turns it around and we have a cat-fight. Emma drives Summer’s face into the mat, gets a nearfall. Summer’s face gets driven into the mat multiple times. Emma gains a 1 count. Summer sent into the turnbuckles, but avoids the Dilemma. Summer with an arm whip takedown. Summer pulls at Emma’s arm in the ropes. Summer mocks Emma’s dance, splashes the arm for a 1 count. Again, Summer pulls at Emma’s arm in the ropes. Summer chokes Emma with her boot in the corner. Snapmare into a full nelson using her legs. Crowd wills on Emma. Emma bridges back and pins Summer for a nearfall. Summer with a pinning predicament for a nearfall. Emma avoids a charge, Dil-Emma locked in. Emma charges, basement crossbody for a nearfall. Emma with a catapult, planting Summer face-first on the mat.

Emma Lock applied, Summer taps.

Winner: Emma by submission (The Emma Lock)

Summer attacks Emma afterwards, sending her all the way to the outside. Summer grabs the bottle of bubbles that Emma brought out and dumps the solution on her face, blinding Emma. Summer again mocks Emma as Emma is writhing in pain.

We go to footage from earlier today with Enzo Amore, Colin Cassady, Scott Dawson & Sylvester LeFort. LeFort apologizes for their plan not working last time with Mason Ryan. LeFort says if Enzo & Cassady join him & Dawson, not only will they be unstoppable, but we will get revenge on Ryan and above all else, we will make lots of money. Look at Dawson. Cassady says all Dawson does is lose. Dawson gets upset and LeFort says although they have a point, you still don’t talk to him like that. Dawson asks when he gets paid again. LeFort says once you win a match. Enzo says they wouldn’t join LeFort & Dawson for all the money in the world. Kick rocks, hit the bricks. Dawson says they committed a 5 to 10. That means I get to beat your brains in for 5-10 minutes, you Jersey Shore Wannabes. Enzo & Cassady get upset at this as Dawson & LeFort leave. Enzo calls them “SAWFT” as we go to commercial.


Backstage, Sasha Banks runs into Summer Rae. Sasha says she can’t believe Summer did what she did to Emma. Summer says to believe it, that is why she is at where she’s at and Sasha is where she is. Sasha wonders what that is supposed to mean. Summer says for Sasha to wake up. I am on RAW & Smackdown every week, Summerslam was named after me, I am a WWE Diva. When was the last time you were even on NXT? Face it, you’re irrelevant. So instead of questioning me, you should be following me. Paige & Emma, they’re so popular around here. That’s fine, they can have that, because they will always be big, ugly fish in a small, little pond, while I’m “up there”. Why? Because I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get “up there”. Whether it be the popular decision or not. Summer says she hears Sasha has a match with Paige in 2 weeks. I’m sure it’ll be a nice, clean match and you’re gonna lose because you don’t have a backbone. If I were you, I’d find one and beat that witch down. Get it together, Sasha!

Sylvester LeFort comes out on the rampway, with a TACKY GOLD SUIT. Coming from France, besides making a lot of money, I know how to find great fighters. He introduces Scott Dawson.
Enzo Amore comes out and introduces himself & Big Cass. Badaboom, Realest Guys in the Room! If me & Cass had a dime for every time we got beat up as kids, we’d have zero dimes! That’s because we aren’t S.A.W.F.T…….SAWFT!!

Scott Dawson w/Sylvester LeFort vs. Enzo Amore w/Colin Cassady

Crowd chants for Enzo as the bell sounds. Dawson backs Enzo into the ropes. Enzo confers with Cassady. Enzo with a side headlock. LeFort on the apron to distract the ref. Dawson takes Enzo down by the hair. Enzo lands on his feet off a hiptoss, but Dawson with a gourdbuster across the top rope. Dawson drives Enzo face-first into the mat. Dawson rakes Enzo’s face against the ropes. Back elbow, snap leg drop and a knee drop for a nearfall. Dawson with a boot to Enzo and a shot to the ribs. Enzo fights back, but Dawson with a big right hand and a kick to the ribs for a nearfall. Enzo fights back again, slips out of a slam and hits a headscissors takeover. All of a sudden, Alexander Rusev comes out and nails Cassady from behind.

Enzo gets distracted by this, allowing Dawson to hit a teardrop suplex for the win.

Winner: Scott Dawson by pinfall (Teardrop Suplex)

Dawson, LeFort & Rusev celebrate afterward as it appears Rusev has joined LeFort’s Legion.


We see a video package on the 2/3 falls match between Sami Zayn & Antonio Cesaro from last week.

We go to the ring where Renee Young introduces Sami Zayn. Zayn makes his way to the ring. “Match of the year” chants by the crowd. Renee asks Zayn about last week’s match with Cesaro. Zayn thanks the crowd for their earlier chant. Zayn says he feels conflicted, because even though I heard good things about that match, all I think about is the end result and on that night, Antonio Cesaro was the better man. Renee asks Zayn what’s next for him as the crowd chants for one more match between Zayn & Cesaro. Zayn says he doesn’t know when he’ll face Cesaro again, but whenever he is, he’ll be prepared. But, I have to move forward. My focus is what everyone else’s focus is in NXT, except for you, Renee, because your job is to be a reporter and a general ray of shine for all of us. But my focus is to become the next NXT Champion.

Speaking of the champ, the music of NXT Champion Bo Dallas and he makes his way to the ring. “No More Bo” chants from the crowd. Bo says that just because a couple of people on the internet said that Zayn had a good match, doesn’t mean you are championship caliber. You lost, friend. They don’t interview the losing team at the Super Bowl, do they? No, because that would be depressing. They wanna hear “I’m going to Disney World!” Not “I’m so sad that I lost”. Sami asks Renee to leave, he will take it from here. Sami asks why Bo is out here, unless he wants to start something. Bo says he would love nothing more than to face Zayn, but unfortunately you injured me at Summerslam Axxess. I thought you were better than that. You’re a good kid, but you’re still so green. “OLE” chants by the crowd. Bo says Sami has a lot of work before you can become like me. Sami says does he mean the NXT Champion, or a delusional, crazy person, that has no perception of what the people around him think about him. Bo doesn’t know what Sami is talking about, everyone loves me. “NO” chants by the crowd. Sami says that the crowd is booing Bo outta the building. Bo says they aren’t booing him, its “BO.” Sami asks the crowd for clarification and the crowd chants “BOO”. Sami says Bo is scared and knows what he can do to him if the NXT Title is on the line. Sami asks if Bo is gonna give him an NXT Title shot, or are you scared?

Before Bo can answer, the music of the Real Americans hits and Zeb Colter makes his way onto the rampway. Zeb says that as a hard-working American, Bo Dallas, you don’t have to answer any question that illegal has to ask you? Hey Sami “ZOD”, or whatever your name is, if that is your real name. Me & Cesaro warned you that we would expose you for the fraud that you are. So if you want a title shot, why don’t you cough up some legal documentation that proves you are a legal citizen of this country, instead of what you really are, a border-crossing illegal, stealing our jobs from hard-working Americans. What its gonna be? Zayn says how about Colter gives a message to Cesaro. As soon as I become the NXT Champion, I will do everything in my power to get both of you deported to hell where you belong. Zeb says that sounds good, I offered you the easy way, seems like you want the hard way. WE THE PEOPLE!

All of a sudden, Jack Swagger attacks Zayn from behind. Bo Dallas leaves the ring as Zayn fights back. Swagger then hits Zayn with the Doctor Bomb. Swagger has the “Don’t Tread on Me” Flag and places it over Zayn. Swagger & Zeb stand over Zayn as we go to commercial.


Before our main event, we see a video package on NXT’s part in Summerslam Axxess.

Main Event in a Grudge Match: NXT Tag Team Champion “The Man That Gravity Forgot” Adrian Neville vs. Conor O’Brian w/Rick Victor

O’Brian shoves Neville down to start. Neville tries for a go-behind, O’Brian shoos him off. Neville with a side headlock, goes up & over, hits a crossbody off the 2nd rope for a nearfall. Victor distracts Neville, allowing O’Brian to hot-shot Neville across the top rope, followed by a running boot for a nearfall.


Back from commercial as Neville avoids a corner charge from O’Brian. Neville fights back with a series of kicks. Flying forearms, O’Brian does not go down. Neville with a dropkick to the knee, followed by a sliding dropkick. Neville with a running hot shot, heads up top, but O’Brian counters a springboard crossbody with a flapjack for a nearfall. Neville avoids another charge, hits a back suplex for a nearfall.

Neville heads up top, hits a 450 Splash for the win.

Winner: NXT Tag Team Champion “The Man That Gravity Forgot” Adrian Neville by pinfall (450 Splash)

Afterward, Victor attacks Neville. The Ascension stomp away at Neville, then O’Brian with right hands from the mount. The assault continues until Corey Graves, ribs taped, runs into make the save. Graves with right hands, but the Ascension are able to take over on him. Neville tries to help, but he is again beaten down by the Ascension. The Ascension fire up and hit Graves with their Total Elimination variation. The Ascension stands tall over the fallen NXT Tag Team Champions as we go to credits.