Curtis Axel on working in the ring with The Rock, Brock Lesnar

The Carroll County Times is featuring a lengthy interview with WWE star and current Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel talking about his recent name change and working with guys like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Brock Lesnar before they returned to the ring.

Axel added, “They flied me out to go train with the Rock and that guy is awesome. Training with him, he pays attention to every little detail and crowd reaction. Just picking that guy’s brain, for me, was just unbelievable. I was so honored to be picked to go up there and train with him. And then Brock Lesnar, my god, that guy is a beast. I actually, I’ve known him for many years because he started with Brad Rheingans also, in Minnesota training with my dad, so him and my dad were close friends and all that stuff, so I kind of knew him anyway, so he could trust me and he knew he could help me because my dad helped him.”

To check out the full interview with Axel, click here.

Source: The Carroll County Times

Report: WWE turns down Bruno Sammartino movie

According to a report by Dave Meltzer, WWE has turned down the Bruno Sammartino movie being developed by Scott Rosenfeldt. Rosenfeldt was hopeful of reaching a deal with WWE with Sammartino recently entering the Hall of Fame this year. The belief is that it came down to financials as to why WWE backed away from the project.

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter