Matt Striker gives tips on becoming a successful commentator in WWE

John Corrigan of The Temple News is featuring an interview with former WWE personality Matt Striker providing tips on how to become a successful commentator in WWE.

Striker noted, “No words are banned. There are some phrases [that are] not part of the dialogue, but there are good reasons why. For example, a championship is not a belt. A belt holds up your pants. Someone that doesn’t watch wrestling might ask, ‘Why are they fighting over wardrobe accessories?’ When you say how you’re coming after me for the championship, then it adds importance.”

To check out the full interview with Striker, click here.

Source: John Corrigan, The Temple News

Note on bonus matches for RAW and Smackdown tapings in Canada

Brett Armstrong passed this along.

During the Raw commercials up here in Canada (on Monday night), they told us the “main events” for Raw and Smackdown (in Toronto and Ottawa respectively). Now I think it’s fair to assume these are dark matches as they wouldn’t make sense otherwise. But the “main event” for Raw is being billed as Axel & Heyman vs. Punk in a Handicap match and for Smackdown Orton defends his WWE title vs. Daniel Bryan. They also mentioned tickets still being available.