WWE stock raised to buy, Bray Wyatt talks about his theme

Nasdaq.com raises WWE stock to “buy” this week

An article on Nasdaq.com is listing WWE stock as a “buy” from neutral. The raise in stock is over the optimism of upcoming TV deal negotiations.

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Bray Wyatt talks about the use of his theme song in WWE

Leah Harrison of The Charlotte Observer is featuring an interview about WWE star Bray Wyatt calling up Charlotte songwriter Mark Crozer about using his song “Broken Out in Love” song as his theme song in WWE. Crozer noted the instant popularity of the song when it first hit WWE television this summer.

Wyatt is also quoted adding, “As soon as I heard the bass line of this one a spark happened. It was magic. He was able to capture a mood in a melody. The mood is very eerie. The song and Bray Wyatt come together so well because Bray is an enigma.”

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Source: The Charlotte Observer