Dolph Ziggler talks in detail about the drug test within WWE

Eric Lacy of is featuring a lengthy interview with WWE star Dolph Ziggler who talks about the upcoming Night of Champions PPV on 9/15 and spoke in detail about the company’s current drug testing (aka WWE Wellness Policy).

Ziggler noted, “It’s more strict than the NCAA, more strict (than a lot of other leagues) because they want the best possible athletes taking care of themselves. And when you go out there, you don’t want to be wondering if you’re putting your body in this guy’s hands (who might be using PEDS) and wondering if he’s going to be OK. We are so overly checked (for PEDS) that it’s annoying, but it’s for a good cause. And I’m so ecstatic that we have it.”

You can check out the full interview with Ziggler at this link.