WWE Main Event Results – 9/11/13 (Cesaro vs. Kingston)

Results from the 9/11/13 WWE Main Event on ION TV courtesy of WWE.com:

OTTAWA, Canada – WWE Main Event featured three competitive battles including a faceoff between former U.S. Champions Antonio Cesaro and Kofi Kingston. Also, The Prime Time Players and 3MB squared off looking to build momentum for the Tag Team Turmoil Match at Night of Champions Kickoff, and Big E Langston sought a victory against veteran competitor R-Truth!

Kofi Kingston def. Antonio Cesaro

After losing to a returning Santino Marella on Raw, Antonio Cesaro was ready to regain his momentum by defeating Kofi Kingston. As the opening bell sounded, Cesaro was already charging at his opponent, delivering a crushing dropkick to assert his dominance. The Swiss-born “Real American” maintained control with his powerful and unorthodox style, and although Kingston used his agility to offset his opponent’s offensive onslaught, it seemed Cesaro’s raw strength would be the contest’s deciding factor.

Kingston continued to display his resilience by trading blows with Cesaro and remaining in the battle despite his opponent’s arsenal of high-impact maneuvers. Realigning his strategy, Kingston tried to overwhelm Cesaro with high-flying and agile attacks, securing a number of near-falls before Cesaro regained his composure following a brutal uppercut.

The competitive Superstars traded momentum back and forth, leaving nothing on the table. Trying to keep Kingston off balance, Cesaro once again relied on a prolonged giant swing. After the impressive maneuver, the Swiss Superstar tried to secure victory, but Kingston remained in the battle, countering the Neutralizer and seizing an opportunity to successfully execute Trouble in Paradise for the victory.

The Prime Time Players def. 3MB

Days away from the five-team Tag Team Turmoil Match at the Night of Champions Kickoff, two teams involved – The Prime Time Players and 3MB – faced off on WWE Main Event. Following their dismantling by The Wyatt Family last week on Main Event, The Prime Time Players were certainly looking to build momentum heading into Night of Champions. Scouting the two teams at ringside were Tons of Funk – another team participating in the Kickoff.

Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal struggled early against the uncanny teamwork of The Prime Time Players. Although Darren Young and Titus O’Neil dominated early, the 3MB bandmates managed to isolate Darren Young and take control of the bout. Nevertheless the resilience and teamwork of The Prime Time players proved to be the key to victory as Titus O’Neil used his raw power to take down Mahal to secure the win.

Big E Langston def. R-Truth

WWE Main Event presented Big E Langston with a pristine opportunity to assert his dominance – a battle against former United States Champion R-Truth. The rapping Superstar watched his massive opponent make his way to the ring, no doubt devising a strategy to overcome Big E’s size and power.

R-Truth put forth a valiant effort but was never able to counter the brutish nature of Big E Langston. Every maneuver early in the battle was overpowered. When Truth managed to execute a dropkick, Big E recalibrated outside the ring and then wasted no time dominating R-Truth and executing the Big Ending for the victory.