Roman Reigns on Triple H, interview with Curtis Axel

WWE star Roman Reigns talks learning from Triple H

Matthew Byer of SLAM! Wrestling is featuring an interview with WWE star and one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions Roman Reigns talking about learning from Triple H in WWE.

Reigns added, “Just being around Triple H you can learn from him on every aspect of the game, but than being around his wife Stephanie McMahon, and Randy Orton; it brings a bunch of different personalities together. They’re all very successful. These faces are the top faces of the WWE, so to be around them you can learn something minute, little things that they do. The way Triple H takes on so much, his plate is always full, but he’s always seems to crack a joke or be cool under pressure. Stephanie she’s the queen. She’s been around it all. She’s seen it all. She’s interacted with the biggest superstars of all time. Anything you can learn from her you can use it; it can influence you career and your character.”

To check out the full interview with Reigns, click here.

Curtis Axel on name change, working with Paul Heyman

Brian Soscia passed this along.

The Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel called Brian Soscia for another “B.S. Session”. They not only talk about WWE coming to Philly on 10/13, but Soscia also gets the 3rd generation Superstar to open up. As always, you’ll find out what goes on beneath the mat! You can still get great seats at an affordable price by clicking here!

For the interview just click here:

Here are just a few of the topics discussed in this candid interview!:
-What were his thoughts on Paul Heymen before he was paired with him? Any preconceived notions?
-What were his thoughts on being given the name Michael McGillicutty? Did he like the name and why did they decide to go with that name?
-What were his thoughts on winning the Intercontinental title on Father’s Day? How did his family react?
-What does he think drew him to wrestling as opposed to this 3 other siblings?
-How often does he talk to his Grandfather Larry “the Axe” Henning? Does his Grandfather offer any advice as far as his career?
-Being a third generation wrestling, does he find it easer to relate to 2nd and 3rd generation wrestlers b/c they come from similar backgrounds?
-Curtis Axel helped the Rock prepare for his WrestleMania match w/ John Cena. Did the Rock give him any advice?
-Who else did Axel prepare for a major return to the ring?
-Being the top guy on the roster when it comes to fantasy football, Curtis tells us his secrets when it comes to being a constant winner. He also tells us who has the worst and best fantasy teams on the roster.
-Any chance he will be dying his beard pink in support of WWE’s Susan G. Kohman association?

Brian Soscia’s “B.S. Session” w/ WWE I.C. Champion Curtis Axel:

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