Michael Fox passed this along.

I attended Battleground live and wanted to give you my perspective on the show.

I wanted to start off by talking about the pre-show because after seeing how nice the commentators were when they came down the ramp to the fans. I spoke to Charles Robinson before anything got started, which to me was pretty cool. Sandow and Ziggler was great and should have been on the main show. I don’t know what happened to Sandow with his knee, but he looked like he was in a lot of pain and I know they showed something during the main show.

RVD and Del Rio was off the charts with the live crowd. I don’t know how it came across on the PPV, but it was hot from start to finish. The missing Van Terminator live was remarkable.

After that was the Khali and Santino vs. The Real Americans match. The crowd was dead and started random chanting. If I heard right they started chanting for JBL. The crowd did pop for Khali taking the big swing.

Curtis Axel and R-Truth were both working their tails off, but the crowd just wasn’t for that match.

I can’t really speak for the Divas match because the majority of it, I was at the snack bar.

Rhodes Family vs. The Shield. The crowd went nuts when the American Dream’s music played and when Rhodes got the fall, everyone went crazy. It was easily the second biggest pop of the night.

Kofi and Bray was what should be expected for a week of buildup. The Wyatt’s entrance live was creepy, but fun. A Brodie Lee chant was started. Bray’s promo skills are amazing.

CM Punk and Ryback was a great match. The crowd seemed into it and really popped for Punk a good bit.

The power outage threw everyone for a loop, but made the chants all the louder when poor Brad Maddox came out to tell the live crowd that there was a legit power outage because not all the lights went out, it was just the titantron and the video monitor. Best chant of the night was “we have power.”

Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan took the cake as far as I’m concerned. The loud “Yes” chant from the complete crowd was amazing. Everyone was really upset over the ending when they realized the match was over.

I was disappointed when HHH, Vince, or Steph didn’t even make an appearance. It was a good show and they announced that WWE will be doing a live show with the VIP experience on January 11th.