WWE to film Mick Foley’s 11/17 comedy show

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley wrote the following on his Facebook page today:

“The November 17th show in Smithtown, New York will be filmed by WWE for a future project – possibly a telecast, Netflix offering, or DVD…maybe all three.

This is obviously huge for me, and since the Smithtown Performing Arts Center is only a few miles from where I grew up, and is a theater I have been attending since childhood, it’s going to get some local attention, and I do expect the house to be full by the time the 17th rolls around. BUT, given the choice, I’d rather have a theater full of wrestling fans than a theater full of well meaning locals showing their support for one of their own.

Although non-fans do enjoy my shows, I am primarily a wrestler, telling wrestling stories for wrestling fans. The material is roughly PG-13, and (I THINK) it is open to all ages.

I am stepping up to the plate with the intention of hitting it out of the park, so you might want to be there for what just may be the most important non-wrestling event of my life.”

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