WWE NXT results 10/10/13

WWE NXT Results
October 10, 2013
Full Sail University 
Commentators: Tom Phillips, Alex Riley
Recap by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

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We see the usual intro, then go to our opening match.

Leo Kruger vs. Antonio Cesaro

Cesaro instantly hits a running dropkick. Cesaro removes Kruger’s shirt, then hits right hands and stomps. Kruger fights back with chops. Cesaro puts on the brakes, but Kruger with a clothesline that sends Cesaro to the outside. Kruger with a back rake, Cesaro sent off the apron. Cesaro comes back with knees, but is sent again off the apron. Back in, Kruger stomps away. Kruger chokes Cesaro, then puts the ring skirt over his head before dropping an elbow on him. Cesaro comes back with more knees, followed by a boot to the head. Cesaro with a double stomp, then chokes Kruger. Cesaro chokes Kruger in the ropes. Elbow drop, followed by a running kick to the back. Kruger blocks a suplex and hits a snap suplex. Kruger with gut shots and right hands. Kruger stomps away, then chokes Cesaro in the corner. Russian Leg Sweep for a 1 count. Cesaro comes back with a running European Uppercut for a nearfall. Cesaro with another leaping double stomp for a nearfall. Cesaro talks trash to Kruger, then hits a unique slam for a nearfall. Cesaro heads up top, but Kruger stops him. Kruger goes up with Cesaro and hits a superplex.


Back from commercial as Kruger knocks Cesaro off the apron. Kruger charges and connects with a tope suicida onto Cesaro! Back in, Kruger with a spinebuster and fires up. Kruger sets for the Slice, but Cesaro sees it coming and drops to the outside to avoid it. Kruger goes out after Cesaro, but Cesaro draws him in and sends Kruger into the steel steps. Kruger gets back in, but Cesaro sends Kruger back out to the outside. Cesaro then with a back suplex driving Kruger onto the apron. Cesaro calls for the count-out and ref begins his 10 count. Kruger gets in at 7, but Cesaro sends him outside again. They go to the rampway and Cesaro with a gutwrench suplex onto the ramp! Cesaro again calls for a count-out and the ref begins his 10 count. Kruger crawls to the ring and just barely gets back in. Cesaro can’t believe it as Kruger is trying to pick himself back up. Cesaro with a series of jabs, followed by some uppercuts. Cesaro unloads with more uppercuts, then hits the Swissblade for a nearfall. Cesaro cracks his neck to fire up and sets for the Neutralizer, but Kruger counters out with a back drop. Cesaro charges, but runs into a back elbow. Kruger charges, but Cesaro catches him with Swiss Death, but Kruger KICKS OUT AGAIN!!! Again, Cesaro cannot believe it. Cesaro fires up and locks in the Crainial Clutch, then goes backward and applies a body scissors along with the Crainial Clutch. Kruger gets to his feet, but Cesaro nails him with a short-arm clothesline.

Neutralizer this time hits for the win.

Winner: Antonio Cesaro by pinfall (The Neutralizer)

Afterwards, Cesaro heads up top and hits a top rope knee drop to the throat of Kruger. Kruger instantly clutches at his throat as Cesaro talks trash, then celebrates what he has done. Referees come out to attend to Kruger as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, we go to our next match.

Santana Garrett vs. Charlotte w/Bayley

Renee Young joins commentary for this match. Santana wrestles currently for women’s promotions SHIMMER, SHINE and WSU. Charlotte lets out a “Wooo” before the bell. Charlotte takes Santana down in a lock-up, then goes to work on the arm. Santana shows off her agility and counters out. Charlotte shows off some agility of her own to regain control. Santana sent into the corner, but Charlotte runs into a back elbow. Charlotte sent off the middle turnbuckle. Snapmare, followed by a running boot for a nearfall by Santana. Russian Leg Sweep, followed by Santana locking in an armbar as we see Summer Rae and Sasha Banks make their way to ringside. Bayley wills on Charlotte as Santana keeps the armbar maintained. Charlotte counters into a pinning predicament. Santana misses a clothesline and Charlotte with 2 double chops. Charlotte does a split, then hooks Santana in Charlotte’s Web for a nearfall. Charlotte notices Summer & Sasha, allowing Santana to roll up Charlotte for a nearfall. Charlotte lifts up Santana and hits a facebuster variation, followed by kipping up.

Charlotte hits her somersault Ace Crusher for the win.

Winner: Charlotte by pinfall (Somersault Ace Crusher)

Charlotte and Bayley celebrate her win, then Summer & Sasha get in the ring and have a mic. Summer says this message is for every Diva in the back of the locker room. I just wanna make it crystal clear who the 1st Lady and who the Boss of NXT is. In front of you, you have a couple of beautiful, fierce females, BFFS. We are gonna run NXT and the WWE. Now that Paige is officially out, there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

All of a sudden, Paige runs out and attacks Summer & Sasha. Headbutt to Sasha, but then Summer gets her licks in. Paige is then overwhelmed by Summer & Sasha, but then, Emma runs out and Summer & Sasha flee the ring.

We see the same video package from last week on Mojo Rawley, who debuts…….NEXT!!


Back from commercial, we go backstage with Summer Rae & Sasha Banks. The backstage interviewer says that Paige embarassed them tonight, to which Summer scoffs at. We don’t get embarassed, we get even. Paige & Emma think they are so great, I challenge them to a tag match next week.

Danny Burch vs. Mojo Rawley

Mojo backs Burch into the corner, but Burch with a shoulder and a gut kick. Back club, but Mojo blocks a whip. Mojo runs into a back elbow, but blocks being sent off the turnbuckle. Burch is sent off the turnbuckle, but comes back with a right hand for a nearfall. Chinlock applied. Mojo gets to his feet, but Burch takes him back down. Trifecta of elbow drops for a nearfall. Head and arm lock applied. Burch with a knee to the ribs, but misses a clothesline and Mojo with 3 shoulder tackles. 2 running avalanches in the corner, followed by a running butt smash to the face.

Mojo with a running butt drop, ala Earthquake, to get the win.

Winner: Mojo Rawley by pinfall (Running Butt Drop)

Mojo celebrates his win as we go backstage.

Backstage, we see Paige and Emma. Paige says she didn’t need Emma’s help tonight. Emma says it didn’t look like that. The same backstage interviewer comes in and says to Paige & Emma that Summer & Sasha have challenged them to a tag match next week. Emma says she didn’t like when Summer put bubble solution in her eyes. Paige says she didn’t like getting hit from behind by Sasha. So, challenge accepted. Paige says she will win because she is the champ, Emma is just there. Emma says Paige is champ, but not for long. Emma does her wacky dance, but Paige says she will hurt Emma.


Before our next match, Alexander Rusev breaks a board before the match that has “ENZO” on it. Enzo & Big Cass introduce themselves. Enzo says he feels like they are in “Cheers” right now, as Big Cass continues by singing, “Where everybody knows your name.” Big Cass says that when he looks at these two “sloppy galoppies” in the ring, only one word comes to mind. Enzo says they are S…..A….W…….F……T……….SAWFT!!

The Legioniares (Scott Dawson & Alexander Rusev) w/Sylvester LeFort vs. The Jersey Boys (Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady)

Big Cass and Rusev start. Rusev backs Cass into the corner, but misses a clothesline. Cass with a right hand, but runs into a back elbow. Cass with a knee to the ribs and a back club. RIght hand, Enzo tags in. Right hand, but it has no effect on Rusev. Enzo tries a crossbody, but Rusev catches him and hits series of knees to the ribs. Dawson in, back elbow for a nearfall. Snap leg drop, knee drop and a front elbow drop for another nearfall. Snap suplex and a short-arm clothesline for another nearfall. Dawson pulls at Enzo’s face, then hits the Teardrop Suplex, but Big Cass breaks it up. Rusev nails Cass and sends him to the outside. Rusev in and hits the running shoulder block into the corner.

The Accolade applied by Rusev and Enzo taps out.

Winners: The Legioniares by submission (The Accolade)

Afterwards, Dawson grabs Big Cass and Rusev hits the running shoulder block in the corner. The Accolade applied to Big Cass. LeFort and his Legioniares celebrate their win.

We go backstage where Renee Young is with Sami Zayn. Zayn says the hard part is over with becoming #1 contender, but now next week its simple, me & Bo Dallas for the NXT Title. Bo Dallas then walks in. Bo says that it was really not cool for what Sami did last week. I thought we were friends, you really hurt my feelings. Zayn says he is sorry if he hurt Bo’s feelings because its not personal. A lot of people don’t like you, but I have no problem with you. Its simply that you are the NXT Champion and that title is what I want. Bo says Sami doesn’t have to do this. Hey, we should team up and go after the NXT Tag Titles and if we win those, we can rule NXT together as friends. Zayn says that is actually not a bad idea, let’s do it and Zayn shakes Bo’s hand. However, let’s do that right after I beat you for that NXT Title. Sorry Bo, have to do what I have to do. Zayn leaves as Bo says “Un-BO-lieveable!”


Next week, its Bo Dallas vs. Sami Zayn for the NXT Title.

Aiden English comes out and asks for his spotlight. English sings that its a thing to see, its a thing to be a sports-entertainer in the 21st century. I’m gonna make you clap, I’m gonna make you cheer, you will kick somebody in the teeth until there’s money out the rear. And just when you think that Aiden English should choke, I’ll shove my boot and then I’ll sing as you choke. Because its a thing to be, yes its a thing to see, sports-entertainer right here in the W……W…….EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

English takes a bow, then Ricardo Rodriguez comes out and introduces Rob Van Dam.

Main Event: Aiden English vs. Rob Van Dam w/Ricardo Rodriguez

RVD with a side headlock, but English takes him down. English bows, but RVD shoves him. English tells the ref to back up RVD. English with a gut shot and applies a side headlock. RVD counters out with his leg roll-up for a nearfall. English avoids a spin kick as RVD does his taunt to him. English comes out of the corner, but RVD hits the step-over spin kick. BIG monkey flip, followed by a clothesline that sends English to the outside. RVD then hits a moonsault off the apron onto English. RVD sets up English and hits the slingshot leg drop across the apron. RVD gains a nearfall. English wants a time-out, but RVD with a slam. English sees Rolling Thunder coming and goes to the outside. RVD gives chase as English gets back in. RVD goes to get back in, but English kicks the middle rope into RVD’s privates. English stomps away, followed by a suplex for a nearfall. Chinlock applied. RVD fights back, but English with a knee to the ribs. RVD comes back with an inside cradle for a nearfall. RVD blocks being sent into the turnbuckles and hits a kick. Clothesline, followed by a savate kick. Rolling Thunder connects.

RVD heads up top and hits the Five-Star Frog Splash for the win.

Winner: Rob Van Dam by pinfall (Five-Star Frog Splash)

RVD & Ricardo celebrate his win as we go to credits.