SPOILERS: Second WWE Smackdown report for October 18

Jeremy Samples sent this in.

Smackdown 10/15/13

Kansas City, MO — Sprint Center

Smackdown Taping airing 10/18/13 on SyFy Television:

Vickie Guerrero and Brad Maddox opened the show. Vickie said that on her show, Smackdown, she was not going to have any of the chaos that has taken place on Raw. She said that she stands behind doing what is ‘Best For Business’. Brad Maddox also commented, as well, that in doing what was ‘Best For Business’ he was here to assure that Big Show would not interfere tonight. He said that security was stationed around the perimeter of the building to insure that Big Show could not get in the building. Daniel Bryan interrupted saying that he didn’t think that was ‘Best For Business’. Then, said that somehow Big Show got past Maddux’s security, and here he is. Big Show’s music played without his arrival. Daniel said he was just kidding with them, but Big Show would be here later. However, he did announce the arrival of the new Tag Team Champions, Cody Rhodes and Goldust. Vickie, who was receiving a tremendous amount of heat during the segment, was furious that they were here. She then announced the main event for the evening. Daniel Bryan, Cody Rhodes & Goldust versus The Shield.

The Wyatt Family (Luke Harper & Erick Rowan) defeated The Miz & Kofi Kingston. The Wyatt Family did not have the typical entrance. Coming back from break, the little video snippet played with a recorded version of the “We’re Here”. Then, the Wyatts were shown already in the ring. I didn’t notice any limp on Bray Wyatt tonight, but this type of entrance may have been done to hide the injury. After the match, Bray Wyatt cut a mini promo to hype The Family.

Brie Bella w/ Nikki Bella defeated AJ Lee w/ Tamina. At the beginning of the match, they played off various spots of Tamina being AJ Lee’s bodyguard keeping Brie away. However, finally The Bellas caught up with them, and the match started. After being defeated, as The Bellas were celebrating, Tamina carried AJ away. AJ looked to be fine from the recent concussion symptoms.

As Lilian Garcia was beginning to announce the next contest, Big Show entered from the hard camera side, and came through the crowd. Walked into the ring, and said that he didn’t know how a 7 Foot Giant made it past Maddux’s Security Squad, but that he was here. He said that he had filed a MAJOR, HUGE lawsuit against the powers that be in the WWE for firing him. Maddux and Vickie came out, and said that he wasn’t supposed to be here. Maddux told Big Show that he has lost everything. Show said that that was the worst thing he could say, as a man who has lost everything, has nothing to lose. Big Show then KO Punch’d Maddux.

CM Punk defeated Big E Langston with the Go To Sleep. After the match, Paul Heyman appeared on the ramp with Ryback and Curtis Axel. Heyman talked about how that was a very impressive victory by Punk over a guy who was barely out of the developmental program, NXT. Heyman also spoke about how he was upset that Punk made the stipulation for Hell in a Cell, and that Heyman was still the ‘Best In The World’. Heyman said that if Punk wanted Hell to just stay there, and his guys would bring it to him. As Ryback and Axel entered the ring, Big E Langston appeared to even the odds.

Alberto Del Rio began a promo by waving the Mexican flag. Del Rio talked about how he was Mexico’s greatest export. Josh Matthews was interviewing him, and introduced a video on John Cena’s comeback. This video was different from the one that played during Main Event. Del Rio continued talking about how Cena was making a big mistake returning in a match with him, and said that he would show an example of Why. With that, Del Rio attacked Josh Matthews, and locked the Cross-Arm Breaker on. Left Josh laying at the end of the segment.

The Usos defeated The Real Americans w/ Zeb Colter on commentary. During the match, Los Matadores entered the arena. It was shown at the beginning of the segment, that Los Matadores were guests on the JBL & Cole YouTube show for this Friday. The distraction from Los Matadores allowed The Usos to pick up the win. After the match, Los Matadores celebrated with The Usos in the ring.

Daniel Bryan entered first for the main event. Then, Randy Orton appeared on the ramp talking about how he was the real WWE Champion, and that The Shield would get the job done tonight. Then, Goldust and Cody Rhodes made their entrances. Finally, the Shield entered through the crowd, and the match was underway. Daniel Bryan, Cody Rhodes, and Goldust won the match as Bryan hit his finisher. They celebrated in the ring, as Smackdown went off the air.

After Smackdown Went Off The Air:

Daniel Bryan took the mic, and said that the crowd hadn’t received their money’s worth yet. He said how he wanted to give more, so since Randy Orton had made an appearance just a little earlier, that if he was a real man, he would face him right now. Daniel Bryan defeated Randy Orton. After the match, Daniel Bryan got back on the mic. He said how he wanted to hear one thing before the night was over. He talked about how up until this past week, since he was from Seattle, that the Seahawks fans had held the record for the loudest crowd. However, this week the Chiefs fans took that honor. Bryan said he wanted to hear the Chiefs chop. He said that he hoped this didn’t get on YouTube because he would never hear the end from people in Seattle.

Overall a fun taping, and pretty cool, as my seat was right next to The Shield’s entrance through the crowd.