WWE NXT results 10/17/13

WWE NXT Results
October 17, 2013
Full Sail University 
Commentators: Tom Phillips, Alex Riley
Recap by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

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We see a video package on how we got to tonight’s NXT Title match between champion Bo Dallas and challenger Sami Zayn.

We see usual intro, then go to our opening match.

NXT Tag Team Titles: The Ascension (Conor O’Brian & Rick Victor) (c’s) vs. Adrian Neville & Corey Graves

Victor & Graves start. Victor misses some right hands and Graves with some of his own. Victor sent off the turnbuckles twice. Victor goes out to the apron, but Graves pulls him back in. Victor again sent off the turnbuckles. Gut shots by Graves, again Victor sent off the turnbuckles. Right hands by Graves, then Victor runs into a back elbow. Graves with a Figure Four Neck Leck in the ropes. Graves is distracted by O’Brian, but Victor misses a clothesline. Neville in, springboard dropkick. 2 knockdowns, followed by a running forearm in the corner. Slam, then Neville heads up top. O’Brian comes in, but is met with a boot. Neville leaps over Victor, but O’Brian pulls down the middle rope, sending Neville to the outside. Neville is hurt as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial as the Ascension works over Neville. Victor in, gains a nearfall. O’Brian in, but Neville fights back with a boot. O’Brian stops Neville from making a tag and Neville lands awkwardly on his leg. O’Brian stops Neville again from making the tag, but Neville is able to do so. Graves with right hands to O’Brian, Victor knocked off the apron. STO to O’Brian, followed by a fist drop. Graves mesaures O’Brian and hits the front chopblock. Lucky 13 applied to O’Brian, but Victor breaks it up. Graves tags in Neville, but Neville is none the worse for wear on one bad leg. Neville with right hands to O’Brian, but O’Brian with a dropkick to the injured leg. Neville sent shoulder-first into the ringpost. Victor in, gains a nearfall. Neville comes back with a kick from underneath. Neville goes to make a tag, but Victor with a knee to the back, sending Neville into Graves, knocking him off the apron.

O’Brian in, Total Elimination by the Ascension to Neville for the win.

Winners and STILL NXT Tag Team Champions: The Ascension by pinfall (Total Elimination)

The Ascension celebrate their title retention afterwards. The Ascension leaves the ring as Graves gets in to check on his partner. Graves says that was our shot and now its gone to Neville. Neville apologizes to Graves. Graves helps up Neville, then nails him with the front chopblock. Graves with right hands from the mount to Neville while yelling again and again that they are gone. Graves shows off the “stay down” knuckle tattoos to Neville as he stands over him.


Tyler Breeze vs. CJ Parker

Parker is not doing his usual hippie swagger before the bell, having a serious look on his face. “Breeze is gorgeous” chants by the crowd. Breeze talks trash to Parker, but Parker responds with chops. Parker lifts up Breeze and does the Airplane Spin. Breeze goes out to the outside to regroup. Parker goes out after him. Breeze gets back in, but Parker feigns getting back in, causing Breeze to miss an elbow drop. Sunset flip by Parker for a nearfall. Parker works over Breeze’s arm. Breeze with a shove and Parker shoves him down. Parker brings Breeze out of the corner the hard way. Breeze holds onto the ropes, causing Parker to miss a dropkick. Breeze stomps away, then goes to check himself in the reflection of his iPhone. Breeze pounds away with left and right clubs to the back of Parker. Parker feigns the palm strike, causing Breeze to fall backwards. La Magistral by Parker for a nearfall. Sit-out clothesline and Breeze wants to stop. Breeze goes to leave, but Parker pulls him back in. The referee checks on the ring skirt, allowing Breeze to thumb Parker in the eye.

Spinning heel kick for the win.

Winner: Tyler Breeze by pinfall (Spinning Heel Kick)

Afterwards, Breeze has the iPhone and goes to take some pics, but Parker nails him with the palm strike. Breeze goes to the outside as Parker grabs Breeze’s iPhone and walks to the back with it, while taking pics with some fans in the front row.


NXT Women’s Champion Paige & Emma vs. The Beautiful Fierce Females (Summer Rae & Sasha Banks)

Sasha starts for her team. Emma wants to start, but Paige moves her aside. Paige with a Thesz Press and slams Sasha’s head into the mat. Paige lets out her infamous scream and the ref has to hold her back. Summer in, but is sent throat-first off the ropes. Emma wants a tag and Paige obliges. Summer then runs to her corner instantly and tags in Sasha. Sasha charges, but Emma with a drop toe hold. Sasha sent off the turnbuckles. Emma avoids a charge and hits a shoulder to the ribs. Sunset flip for a nearfall. Oklahoma Roll for another nearfall. Sasha comes back with a gut kick, then talks trash. Sasha runs into a knee, but Summer gets involved, allowing Sasha to take over. Emma sent off the turnbuckles. Summer in, chokes Emma in the ropes. Summer talks trash and slams Emma’s head into the mat. Summer with a unique pinning predicament for a nearfall. Emma fights back, but Summer takes her down and pulls on both of the arms of Emma by using her legs. Emma flips out and counters into a pin attempt for a nearfall. Emma fights back, but Summer again takes her down. Summer stops Emma from making a tag, but Emma iss still able to make the tag. Paige knocks Sasha off the apron, then goes to the apron and hits her series of kneelifts to Summer. Sasha grabs Paige’s leg, but Paige kicks her off. Running dropkick to Summer for a nearfall. Fisherman’s Suplex, but Sasha breaks up the pinfall. Emma in, but Sasha sends her to the outside. Paige sends Sasha to the outside, but Summer nails Paige from behind.

Sunset Split by Summer on Paige for the win.

Winners: The Beautiful Fierce Females by pinfall (Sunset Split)

The BFFs celebrate their win afterwards.


Main Event for the NXT Title: Sami Zayn vs. Bo Dallas (c)

Pre-match intros before the bell. “No more Bo” chants by the crowd. Crowd chants for Sami as the bell sounds. Sami works over Bo’s arm to start. Bo counters out, but Sami with an arm drag. “Bo has cooties” chants by the crowd. Sami again goes to work on the arm of Bo. Crucifix for a nearfall. O’Connor Roll for a nearfall. Roll-up for another nearfall. “Pocahontas” chants by the crowd to Bo. Side headlock by Sami. Bo reverses out into his own side headlock. Bo with a forearm that knocks Sami down. Bo with a series of knee drops for a nearfall. More knee drops by Bo for a 1 count. Cravate applied. Sami gets to his feet, but Bo takes him back down. Sami fights out, but Bo with a gut shot. Sami sent hard into the corner, Bo gains a 1 count. Sami powers out of the corner with 2 clotheslines. Back body drop, Sami sets to measure Bo.

Running Ole Kick! 1-2-3! New champion!

Wait a minute, hold everything. NXT GM JBL comes out. JBL says that the 1st NXT Title match under the era of the Wrestling God will not end under controrvesy. We see replay of the fact that Bo got his foot on the bottom rope during the 3 count and the ref didn’t see it. JBL orders the ref to re-start the match, we are going til there is a finish.

Bell sounds and Bo nails Sami with a forearm, sending him to the outside.


Back from commercial as Bo has Sami again in the cravate. Sami fights out, but Bo with a forearm for a nearfall. Cravate re-applied. Crowd wills on Sami. Sami fights out again, then holds onto the ropes. Bo charges, but Sami pulls down the top rope, sending Bo to the outside. Sami with a head of steam and wipes out Bo with a flip dive! Sami is all fired up as the crowd chants “NXT.” Back in, Sami heads up top. Big crossbody, but Bo kicks out! Crowd chants for Sami as he measures Bo again. Sami goes again for the Ole Kick, but Bo catches the foot. Bo misses a clothesline and Sami with the Blue Thunder Bomb, but Bo kicks out again! “Let’s so Sami” chants by the crowd. Bo comes back with a gut kick and a running boot to the head. Acid Drop, but its now Sami who kicks out! Bo is getting frustrated as Sami tries to pick himself up. Bo with a reverse DDT, but Sami kicks out again!! Bo cannot believe it as the crowd wills on Sami. Sami blocks a whip, then holds onto the ropes to avoid the Belly-to-Belly. Bo misses a clothesline and Sami hits his own version of Bo’s spear! 1-2…………….Bo just barely kicks out!! Sami with the knucklelock and goes for the run up the ropes Tornado DDT, but Bo kicks out Sami’s leg, causing him to be crotched on the ropes! Bo charges and hits the Spear!! 1-2…………SAMI KICKS OUT AGAIN!!! Loud chants for Sami by the NXT crowd as both men are down. “This is awesome” chants by the crowd. Bo with a forearm, then places Sami up top. Bo goes up with him and hits a series of right hands. Sami blocks a superplex and fights back with a series of back clubs. Sunset Bomb! 1-2…..BO KICKS OUT AGAIN!!! Crowd again chants for Sami as he fires himself up. Referee turns away from the action for a second as Sami hits Bo with a German and has the waistlock maintained. However on impact, one of the top turnbuckle pads in the corner came undone. Bo tries to grab the ropes to block another German, but Sami connects with a 2nd. Sami tries a 3rd, but Bo counters and Sami is sent into the exposed turnbuckle!

Roll-up by Bo, 1-2-3!

Winner and STILL NXT Champion: Bo Dallas by pinfall (Roll-up)

Bo celebrates his title retention with the yellow spotlight and the steam pyro as we go to credits.