10/20 WWE Results: Carbondale, Illinois

James K. Rossiter sent this in.

Match #1: Real Americans defeated Tons of Funk via Neutralizer on Brodus. No Cesaro Swing, much to our chagrin.

Match #2: Naomi defeated Brie via crossbody off the top, if memory serves. Teased a Nikki heel turn with her refusing to shake hands with Naomi & Cameron after the match & walking off.

Match #3: Justin Gabriel defeated Tyler Breeze via split-legged moonsault off the ropes. Tyler’s camera gimmick is actually on a live feed on the stage monitors.

Match #4: Big Show, Miz & Dolph defeated the Shield by DQ when Reigns brought a chair into the ring & Show punched it into Reigns’ face. Show talked about finishing his obligations & not wanting to miss a chance to entertain another Missouri Valley Conference school (Wichita St. & SIU are both MVC basketball schools). The Shield came down through the crowd right next to our seats! Awesome moment.

Match #5: Santino defeated Fandango via Cobra in a match that started as a fan voted dance off (51%-49% voting, hmmm….).

Match #6: Ryback defeated Kofi via Shellshock. Ryback insulted our mascot the Saluki & said that he’d be the North Dakota State Bison to Kofi’s Saluki. ND St. beat SIU yesterday at our homecoming game.

Match #7: Daniel Bryan defeated Randy Orton via flying knee strike. Shield came out afterwards to attack Bryan & then Big Show came out for the save. Orton bailed, Ambrose & Rollins at the double chokeslam & Reigns took a flying knee strike from Bryan to end the show.