WWE NXT Results – 10/24/13 (Neville vs. Graves)

WWE NXT results 10/24/13

WWE NXT Results
October 24, 2013
Full Sail University 
Commentators: Tom Phillips, Alex Riley, Tensai
Recap by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

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We see video of when Corey Graves turned on Adrian Neville last week. Graves comes out on the ramp way with a mic. Graves says that he supposes there is some explanation in order. I suppose Adrian Neville wants to know exactly why I did what I did to him. I I magine the NXT Universe would like to know………..all of a sudden, Adrian Neville runs out and attacks Graves from behind. The two brawl towards the ring with Neville in control. Graves catches Neville with a kick once they get in the ring, but Neville takes him down and unloads with right hands. Referees break the two up as Graves goes to the outside. Neville gets free, then wipes out Graves with a slingshot plancha. Referees finally get Neville back as we go to the usual intro.

We go to our opening match.

Emma vs. Sasha Banks w/Summer Rae

Emma does some dancing to start. Sasha mocks her, then shoves her. Shoving match ensues until Emma takes Sasha down. Roll-up for a nearfall. Arm drag into an arm bar. Emma avoids a corner charge, Sunset flip for a nearfall. Oklahoma Roll for a 1 count. Another arm drag back into the arm bar. Sasha with a knee to the ribs, trash talks Emma. Emma sent into the corner multiple times. Commenatry mentions Sasha sells a line of flamethrowers. Okkkkkkkkkkk. Sasha gains a 1 count. Crowd chants plastic at Summer on the outside. Emma comes back by sending Sasha multiple times into the corner. Sasha avoids a corner charge, sends Emma’s head into the mat for a nearfall. Chinlock applied as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial as Sasha still has the chinlock applied, along with a body scissors. Emma bridges back and gains a nearfall. Sasha keeps the hold maintained. Crowd wills on Emma. Emma tries to get free, but Sasha holds on and pulls back on the head of Emma. Crowd again wills on Emma. Emma fights out, but runs into a back elbow by Sasha for a nearfall. Sasha talks more trash to Emma. Emma fights back with a big slap, but that causes Sasha to unload with clubs for another nearfall. Chinlock and body scissors re-applied. Emma fights out with elbows. Sasha misses a clothesline and Emma with 2 clotheslines. Emma avoids a corner charge, Dilemma locked in. Emma charges, basement crossbody for a close nearfall. Emma with a catapult and goes for the Emma Lock, but Summer hops up on the apron. Emma with a forearm, then Paige runs out and pulls Summer off the apron.

While this is going on, Sasha with an inside cradle for the win.

Winner: Sasha Banks by pinfall (Inside Cradle)

Afterwards, Paige gets in the ring and goes to clothesline Sasha, but Sasha ducks and Paige accidentally hits Emma! The BFFs back up the ramp as Paige checks on Emma, who is unhappy. Emma shoves Paige and the two argue.

We go to an NXT exclusive with champion Bo Dallas after last week’s match with Sami Zayn. Bo says there was no contorversy because he is still the NXT Champion, that’s all that matters. But, I do have a huge announcement. I wanna let all my “Bo-lievers” at NXT in Full Sail know that I’m gonna take a well-deserved vacation. I know you all are upset, but its OK. I’m gonna be touring the world. I’m calling it the Bo Dallas vs. the World tour. I’m making a special stop in Bolivia to deliver 10,000 squirt guns to starving children, its gonna be a blast! Don’t worry, I’ll still be doing a little wrestling and of course, some sight-seeing. Until I see you again, don’t stop “Bo-lieveing!”


NXT Tag Team Champions The Ascension (Rick Victor & Conor O’Brian) vs. Casey Merin & Tommy Taylor

Tommy Taylor sometimes wrestles for the EVOLVE independent promotion. Merin & O’Brian start. O’Brian instantly with an avalanche. Victor in, stomps away at Merin. Merin sent off the corner. Chops & uppercuts by Victor. Victor with a lifting slam, O’Brian in. O’Brian with the trifecta of running shoulder knockdown. Victor in, gut shot. Victor pulls at the face of Merin. Merin goes to make a tag, but Victor knocks him off the apron with a high knee. O’Brian in, double hiptoss slam by the Ascension.

Victor in, Fall of Man for the win.

Winners: The Ascension by pinfall (The Fall of Man)

The champions stand over their fallen opponents as we go to another NXT exclusive with Sami Zayn.

Sami Zayn says he had the NXT Title won last week. I have no problem with JBL re-starting the match, Bo’s feet were clearly on the ropes. I do have a problem with JBL not re-starting the match when Bo used the exposed turnbuckle to beat me. I’m starting to feel what Daniel Bryan is feeling where it seems like you are not the chosen guy. Everybody knows Triple H runs NXT from top to bottom and once JBL gets position of interim GM, this stuff starts to happen. I’m not saying its a conspiracy, but its a helluva of concidence. Next time that NXT Title is in my hands, its staying there for good.


Back from commercial, Renee Young interviews NXT Interim GM JBL. Renee asks JBL about Sami Zayn said about there being a conspiracy. JBL says I guess the world revolves around Sami Zayn. I guess he is gonna blame the sun being in his eyes, his shoes being un-tied and an evil GM for his losing his title match. The Era of the Wrestling God is not gonna start with a controversy. A mistake was made by a referee, it was overturned and that is what’s best for business. I’m JBL, I cannot be bought. Triple H is the COO of a publicly traded company, he does what is fair, we take baseless accusations very seriously. Sami Zayn is not here, he will not be here for a while. I suggest he looks up JBL and finds out exactly who he’s dealing with. I suggest he calls my office and apologizes to me and I will think about bringing him back. Til then, our decision is Sami Zayn will not be back until we decide he comes back.

CJ Parker vs. Alexander Rusev

Parker comes out with Tyler Breeze’s iPhone. Rusev is not being managed by Sylvester LeFort this week. Rusev backs Parker into the corner, knees to the ribs. Back club and a falling headbutt. Avalanche while Parker is in the ropes. Rusev measures Parker and hits the running shoulder to the ribs as we see a mystery woman walking out to ringside.

Accolade applied, Parker taps.

Winner: Alexander Rusev by submission (The Accolade)

The mystery woman walks around ringside before heading to the back as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial as we see that during the break, Tyler Breeze came out as Parker was getting up from the loss to Rusev and hits the Beauty Shot. Parker then has a pair of scissors and cuts off one of Parker’s dreadlocks before taking back his iPhone.

Corey Graves comes out for our main event, which will happen………..NEXT!


Back from commercial, its time for our main event.

Main Event in a Grudge Match: Corey Graves vs. Adrian Neville

Neville instantly with a running dropkick that sends Graves into the corner. Neville stomps away, followed by kicks to the leg. Graves goes to the apron, but Neville dropkicks him to the outside. Neville with a head of steam and wipes out Graves with the Foxbury Flop! “NXT” chants by the crowd. Back in, Neville gains a nearfall. Graves begs off, but Neville with chest kicks. Graves grabs Neville’s leg and takes him down, then begins stomping away at the leg. Graves goes to drop his weight across Neville’s leg, but Neville avoids it and hits another chest kick for a nearfall. Graves fights back with gut shots. Graves ties up Neville’s leg in the ropes and drops his knee across it. Graves unloads with right hands, then wrings out Neville’s leg. Graves stomps away, then chokes Neville with his boot. Kneebreaker, followed by a fist drop for a 1 count. Graves with kicks to Neville’s leg, then applies a unique leg lock. Crowd wills on Neville. Neville kicks Graves off, but Graves with a headbutt. Neville counters another kneebreaker with a Sunset flip for a nearfall. Graves comes back with a grounded Dragon Screw for a nearfall. Graves re-applies the unique leg lock. Neville fights out with elbows, but Graves with a gut shot. Neville comes back with 2 flying forearms, then one in the corner. Neville heads up top, leaps over Graves, but as Neville lands, he favors the injured leg. Graves comes in, but Neville with a roll-up for a nearfall. Graves comes right back with the front chopblock.

Lucky 13 applied, Neville taps.

Winner: Corey Graves by submission (Lucky 13)

Afterwards, Graves re-applies Lucky 13 on Neville on the outside. Referees come out and pull Neville off of Graves. Graves stands over the injured Neville as we go to credits.