“Total Divas” debut moved up, interview with Jesse Ventura

E! pushes up the return of “Total Divas”

The E! Network has pushed up the debut of the next season of “Total Divas” to 11/10. The season was originally advertised to return to the network on 11/17.

Source: The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online

Interviews with Jesse Ventura, Bryan Williams of 2K Sports

Jeff Jackson of SNSradionetwork.com passed this along.

SNS UnPlugged returned to the airwaves on the SNS Radio Network (www.snsradionetwork.com)on 10-22-13 with “The Bronx-Father” Tony J. Mirabella and “Mr. Money on the Mic” Jeff Jackson. JJ starts the show off with Guest Senoir Game Designer for 2K Sports and WWE2K14 Bryan Williams. (Interview starts at the 4 min mark)

Bryan talks with JJ & Bronx about new features in the game like the 30 years of WrestleMania mode, Enhancements to Universe Mode, the DLC Packs, Mo Cap moves, The Streak Mode, The creation suite ….and more in this nearly hour long conversation with Bryan Williams.

After the break Sean Beckerman takes us Back in Time with “This Day in Wrestling History” Sean takes us back to No Mercy in 2000 and Kurt Angle defeating The Rock to win the WWE Championship ….also to 2006 at Bound for Glory as Kurt Angle was the special guest enforcer as Sting defeated Jeff Jarrett for the TNA/NWA World Heavyweight Championship. (Segment starts at the 64 min mark). JJ and Bronx discuss that 2005-2006 era in TNA and how the company has changed drastically. Bronx runs down the results from the 10-21-13 “Go Home Edition” of RAW going into Sunday’s Hell in a Cell PPV and the boys give their thoughts on the show for the “RAW Reaction” …(segment starts at the 72 min mark) JJ talks the latest “News of the Week” including Bad news for WWE Hall of Famer Sunny, more cancellations of venues for TNA, Hulk Hogan tweeting about his next big move and more. (segment starts at the 103 min mark)

After the last break it was time for “The Main Event” as JJ and Bronx welcomed one of the most Iconic figures in Wrestling, Movies, Television, and Politics Former Governor,WWE Hall of Famer ,and Author of “They Killed Our President 63 Reasons to Believe There was a Conspiracy to Assassinate JFK” Jesse “The Body” Ventura. (interview starts at the 124 min mark) Governor Ventura discusses the JFK Assasination and the Conspiracy to cover it up in great detail from 5 former Presidents linked to the ordeal…18 witnesses mysteriously dying, and even trying to recreate the sequence of shots from the rifle by Lee Harvey Oswalt by a top sniper. Ventura is very passionate about the fact that Oswalt was the “Patsy” and gives many compelling reasons as to why the fatal shots were not fired by Lee Harvey Oswalt. Governer Ventura also discusses the recent Government Shutdown and his thoughts on the Government. Governor Ventura discusses a possible Presidential Run with Howard Stern as his running mate and how America has the Power to make change in Government by not voting for the current political parties. JJ and Bronx talked with Governor Ventura for nearly an hour in this amazing interview that is an eye opener. JJ and Bronx called it a night after the Ventura interview with a stellar 3 hour + show exclusively on the SNS Radio Network…UnScripted…UnCensored….UnBelievable….its UnPlugged.