WWE Main Event Results10/23/13

WWE Main Event
October 30, 2013
Tampa, Florida
Commentators: Josh Mathews, The Miz
Recap by: Clinton Bowman of Wrestleview.com

Kofi Kingston kicks off this week’s Halloween-themed episode!

Main Event
Kofi Kingston v. Ryback

Kofi quickly takes it to Ryback, sending him into the corners. Kofi tries to chip down Ryback, until Ryback knocks him down something fierce. Ryback rag dolls Kofi, until Kofi came back with striking offence, however, Ryback took control again, body slamming Kofi. Kofi rolls out of a splash attempt, however Ryback locks in a submission hold, driving the forearm into Kofi’s face. Kofi slides out, and Ryback tries to get some semblance of control, however, Kofi hits a deep arm drag. Kofi goes for Trouble in Paradise, however, Ryback rolled out of the ring, only to get hit with a sick plancha to the outside. Kofi takes control of Ryback after a stair-assisted ax-handle, but as Ryback entered the ring, Kofi ate a boot, as we go to commercial.

*commercial break*

We come back from commercial, and Ryback knocks Kofi down, and covered him for a two count. Ryback lifts Kofi up and hits the Jackhammer for a pin attempt, in which Kofi kicked out at two. Ryback, slowing the pace down, chops Kofi’s chest, however, Kofi takes advantage to dish out some chops of his own, until Ryback powers Kofi into the opposite corner and tosses him like a kettlebell. Ryback uses the ropes to add pressure to Kofi’s head. Lifting Kofi, Ryback taunts him and gets a few slaps for his trouble, until Ryback countered with a sick belly to belly! Ryback covers Kofi, who kicked out at two. Ryback locks in a modified Torture Rack, which Kofi slides out off, and starts some offense. His offence continues until Ryback spine busters a springboarding Kofi Kingston. Ryback calls for the Meathook, however, Kofi countered into a spike DDT, keeping both men down. Kofi gets up first and presses the Triangle Button to activate his comeback mechanic! Kofi tries for Trouble in Paradise, however Ryback counters with R2, and Kofi counters his counter into a stack up for a two count kick out! Ryback and Kofi both exchange counters and momentum, until Ryback hits the Meathook…and Shao Kahn commands Ryback to “FINISH HIM!”

Winner via ShellShocked: Ryback

Raw Rebound #1: John Cena v. Damien Sandow for the World Heavyweight Championship!
This Friday Night: John Cena returns home to SmackDown!
LA VITTORIA…ES MIA! Santino is in action NEXT!

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Santino Marella v. Heath Slater

Santino gets his roll on to start the match, and Slater sweeps him to the ground. Santino attempts a kip-up, but fails. Slater and Santino tie up, and Slater drives Santino’s shoulder into the turnbuckle. Santino hits a quick flurry of offence and coils up the Cobra, however, Slater ducks between the ropes. After a conference, Slater whips Santino into the ropes, and Santino speed walks back and forth! A confused Slater punches him out, and locks a headlock onto Santino! Slater knocks Santino over the ropes after a quick Santino flurry, and taking a page from Emma, has a little trouble skinning the cat! Slater knocks him down, and goes for a top rope move, however, Santino rolls out of the way! Santino successfully kip-ups, and hits the arm drag and headbutt! Santino coils the Cobra…and Jinder gets hindered! One more coil and Slater gets popped!

Winner via Cobra: Santino Marella

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Raw Rebound #2: Controversy and Big Time Redemption

Michael Cole One on One with Triple H: Triple H’s thoughts on Big Show’s lawsuit against the McMahon-Levesque family.

BRAKKING NOOZ: Big Show is banned from WWE for life!

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Fandango v. The Great Khali

Silly Fandango…your chops do not harm me, don’t you know who the f*ck I am? Khali easily takes control of Fandango with some hard chops to Fandango’s chest. Fandango rolls outside to catch a breather, and Khali chases Fandango, hitting a clubbing blow to the head! Khali throws Fandango into the ring, and Fandango takes out the knee! Fandango applies pressure to the knee, however, Fandango goes up high, and gets cut off by Khali. Khali goes for the chop, however, Summer Rae distracts Khail, setting up the leg drop victory.

Winner via Flying Leg Drop: Fandango

‘Total Divas’ returns November 10th on E!

OLE! Los Matadores and El Torito come out for their match! Can I say that the music is so jazzy!

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Tag Team
Los Matadores v. Los Locales

Diego begins the match along with the black masked wrestler. Diego handles the opponent quite well, tagging in Fernando after a lengthy control segment. Fernando holds off both members of Los Locales until, the black clad wrestler ties up Fernando, allowing the purple masked wrestler to hit a double knee strike to the chest! Los Locales then gain control of Fernando, when El Torito opens up the match for Los Matadores. Diego gets tagged in, and after a lengthy exchange, Los Matadores hit their double team backdrop finisher, and Los Matadores pick up their first victory on Main Event!

Winners via Double Team Backdrop: Los Matadores