WWE.com is featuring a lengthy interview with Chris Jericho where he talks about all of his outside projects including Fozzy, his new web series show “But I’m Chris Jericho” and talks more about comments by Triple H on WWE television.

Jericho added, “That’s his opinion, and as somebody that was a six-time World Champion and main evented pay-per-views for years, was I ever the guy? Well, no, but who was? I think if you look over the last 15 years in WWE, you’ve got Rock, Austin, Hogan and Cena. I wasn’t the guy. But I think as far as this B+, A+, C+, F+ … I don’t even know what that means. I just know that I had great matches pretty much every night. I had great rapport with the fans. I could make them love me or hate me depending on what I wanted, so I don’t know what more you can say.

“The thing is, I really can’t be angry at something like that because it’s his opinion. Some of it might be the show business aspect and some of it may be true. But, like I said, we always had great matches together, so I think Triple H and I are fairly similar as far as where we were in the company. He got a lot of the spotlight put on him, probably more than I did, but if you look at the careers of Jericho and Triple H, we were always the guys who worked with the guy. Ask the fans what they think. That’s the ultimate judge of who was better. In my opinion, Triple H was great, one of the best of all time. But I think I could go toe-to-toe with him in every aspect.”

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