WWE NXT results 10/24/13

WWE NXT Results
October 31, 2013
Full Sail University 
Commentators: Byron Saxton, William Regal, Renee Young
Recap by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

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We see the usual intro, then go to the opening match.

Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady come out for our opening match. Enzo introduces himself as “E.A, All Day.” Big Cass, the big Bambino. BADABOOM! Realest guys in the room! Big Cass says that the Legioniares have been cheating, cutting corners and jumping people from behind to gain victories. You know what that sounds like to me? Enzo calls them “chicken tenders.” Big Cass says Sylvester LeFort is a bonafided “sloppy galoppy” and you can trot out here with anyone you want, but it doesn’t change that there’s one word to describe you. Enzo says he is S…A…W…F….T….SAWFT!

The Jersey Boys (Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady) vs. The Legioniares (Sylvester LeFort & Alexander Rusev)

Cass & Rusev start. Rusev backs Big Cass into the corner. Series of knees to the ribs. Back club and a boot to the face. Headbutt, but Big Cass fights back. Crowd chants “chicken tenders” at the Legioniares. Rusev with a body block, then brings in Enzo the hard way. Enzo gets hit with a body block. LeFort comes in to do a double team, but Rusev grabs him and lays him out with a body block.

Accolade applied to Big Cass, Cass taps.

Winners: The Legioniares by submission (The Accolade)

Afterwards, we see the same mystery woman from last week head out on the ramp way. Rusev spots her and they both walk off.


Back from commercial, Jason Jordan is already in the ring for our next match as the ring announcer introduces Aiden English. English asks for his spotlight. English sings to say hello to your favorite thing inside that ring, the drama king. I know I’ll shine brighter than a star. For no one is better than me, no one at NXT. In fact, no one in……..the W…W……….EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

Aiden English vs. Jason Jordan

“Bravo” chants by the crowd for English as the bell sounds. Jordan with an amateur takedown early, English gets to the ropes. English with a back elbow and a swinging neckbreaker. Series of fist drops for a nearfall. Jordan sent hard off the turnbuckles. Sleeper applied by English, then sings a lullaby while keeping the sleeper applied. Jordan gets out and hits a dropkick for a nearfall. English comes back with a back elbow.

Jordan takes a bow with the Director’s Cut to give English the win.

Winner: Aiden English by pinfall (The Director’s Cut)

Afterwards, English asks again for the spotlight and says he has decided to give the crowd an encore. English sings that no one is better than me, no one in…….the W…….W…………….EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! English bows and then roses are thrown in the ring for his performance. English grabs one of them and leaves while Regal gives him a standing ovation.

We see what happened in the match with Adrian Neville & Corey Graves last week, as well as Graves’s post-match attack. We go to comments from Adrian Neville after the show last week. Neville says well done to what Graves did to him last week. I hope you are proud of yourself, lad. I’m the jumping Jordi and you wanna go after my knee, you wanna go after my leg? That’s my livelihood, sir. You thought this was personal? Nah, its the just the beginning.


Non-Title Match: NXT Women’s Champion Paige vs. Summer Rae w/Sasha Banks

Crowd chants for Paige as the bell sounds. Paige instantly goes after Summer and biels her across the ring. Another biel and Summer goes to the outside to re-group with Sasha. Paige runs out after her and Summer uses Sasha as a shield. Paige shoves down Sasha, but Summer slaps her and gets back in. Paige with a shoulder to the ribs, but Summer drops down on a Sunset flip for a nearfall. Paige reverses for a nearfall. Headbutt, Summer sent off the turnbuckles. Summer sent throat-first off the ropes for a nearfall. Another headbutt by Paige, then stomps away at Summer in the corner. Paige talks trash and gains another nearfall. Sasha grabs at Paige’s foot, but the ref sees it and ejects Sasha from ringside.


Back from commercial as Summer is again sent off the turnbuckles. Paige goes to the apron, but sends Summer again off the turnbuckles. Summer then comes back by sweeping out Paige’s leg, sending her crashing to the outside. Back in, Summer gains a nearfall. Summer with an Indian Deathlock applied, crowd wills on Paige. Summer then uses her free leg to choke at Paige. Paige counters out with a roll-up for a nearfall. Summer comes back with a dropkick for a nearfall. Summer talks trash and drives Paige’s face into the mat for another nearfall. Summer yells out in frustration, then measures Paige. Summer goes for her rolling DDT, but Paige counters it with the Knight Light for a nearfall. Paige with a trifecta of short-arm clothesline, then lets out her infamous scream. Running dropkick for a nearfall. Summer comes back with a spin kick for a nearfall. Summer cannot believe it, then again talks trash. Paige comes back with a savate kick.

Paige Turner for the win.

Winner: NXT Women’s Champion Paige by pinfall (The Paige Turner)

Sasha runs out and attacks Paige from behind afterwards. Emma runs out to make the save and goes after Sasha. Paige comes in to help, but Emma thought it was Summer and accidentally nails Paige with a right hand. Sasha slides out of the ring as Paige gets in Emma’s face, while Emma tries to explain herself.

Backstage, we go to comments from Tyler Breeze before our main event. Breeze says he is gonna do CJ Parker a little favor and send that derelict back to the streets where he belongs. Time to go shoot the breeze!


We go to a promo from Luke Harper. Harper says he has found a new plaything and it amuses me. When I’m done playing, I’m gonna leave Kassius Ohno for the buzzards.

Next week, it will be Luke Harper vs. Kassius Ohno and Alexander Rusev vs. Sylvester LeFort. Now, its time for our main event.

Main Event in a Grudge Match: Tyler Breeze vs. CJ Parker

Breeze comes out with the dreadlocks he cut off Parker’s head last week. Breeze slips out to the outside as the bell sounds. Chase ensues until Parker grabs Breeze. Breeze blocks being sent into the turnbuckles, but Parker with gut shots and then Breeze is sent off the turnbuckles. Back club and a delayed vertical by Parker for a 1 count. Big chop by Parker, but Breeze slips out of the 10 punches. Parker comes back with a crossbody off the ropes and left hands from the mount. Headbutt by Parker as the crowd chants at him to “change his gimmick.” Parker lifts up Breeze and does the Airplane Spin. Parker goes for the Third Eye, but Breeze slides out to the outside to avoid it.


Back from commercial as Parker hits a back suplex, much to the crowd’s dismay. Breeze avoids a corner charge and slams Parker off the turnbuckles. “That was awesome” chants by the crowd. Breeze with 2 knee drops for a nearfall. Breeze stands on Parker’s face, then goes to his iPhone to fix his hair. Breeze stomps away at Parker in the corner. Stomp to the ribs of Parker for a nearfall. Head and arm lock applied. Parker gets out by driving Breeze into the corner, but Breeze comes back with a boot for a nearfall. Breeze heads up top, but Parker stops him and slams him down. Parker with a double leg and more left hands from the mount. 2 left-arm clotheslines and a side kick for a nearfall. Crowd wills on Breeze as he comes back with a jawbreaker. Parker blocks a piledriver, then avoids the Beauty Shot.

Third Eye for the win.

Winner: CJ Parker by pinfall (The Third Eye)

Afterwards, Parker has a pair of scissors and goes to cut Breeze’s hair, but Breeze is able to get free and slide out to the outside. Parker stands tall as we go to credits.