11/10 WWE Results: Glasgow, Scotland

1. The Usos def. Hunico & Camacho

2. The Bella Twins def. WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee & Tamina Snuka

3. Drew McIntyre def. The Great Khali

4. WWE Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel def. Justin Gabriel

* Paul Heyman segment with a doctor (Billy Kidman). CM Punk came out, attacked the doctor, then Heyman with a kendo stick. 

5. CM Punk & Daniel Bryan def. The Wyatt Family.

* Bray Wyatt was ejected from ringside during the match.

6. The Prime-Time Players def. 3MB

7. Ryback def. R-Truth

8. WWE World Heavyweight Champion John Cena def. Alberto Del Rio

Source: The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online