WWE NXT results 10/24/13

WWE NXT Results
November 7, 2013
Full Sail University 
Commentators: Tom Phillips, Alex Riley, Renee Young
Recap by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

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Backstage, we see Sylvester LeFort talking to the mystery blonde woman. LeFort says he doesn’t know who she is, what her name is, but I don’t know what’s wrong with Rusev, I’ve never had a problem with him, I always paid him well, he’s my client. The mystery blonde woman speaks in Russian and says in no uncertain terms that Rusev is now her client and tells LeFort to leave.

We see the usual intro, then go to the opening match. The mystery blonde woman comes out and introduces Alexander Rusev in Russian.

Sylvester LeFort vs. Alexander Rusev w/Lana

Commentary mentions that the mystery blonde woman’s name is Lana. LeFort has a wad of money in his hand and tries to reason with Rusev. However, its to no avail as Rusev nails LeFort with a body block.

Accolade applied with Rusev stuffing the money into LeFort’s mouth, LeFort taps.

Winner: Alexander Rusev by submission (The Accolade)

Backstage, we see Bayley & Charlotte. Charlotte mentions how happy she is that Bayley’s headband was fixed. Bayley lets out a “Wooo”, to which Charlotte replies that she is not her father. Summer Rae & Sasha Banks walk in and Charlotte wonders what they want. Summer says they are here to apologize to Bayley for breaking her headband. Sasha says because they are sorry, they got Bayley a new headband. Bayley thanks Summer & Sasha and takes off the fixed headband to put on the new one. Charlotte swats Summer’s hand away and Summer says she knows Charlotte has some personal issues, but don’t sort them on our time. Charlotte says she doesn’t need another step-mother and her issue is Summer & Sasha walking around the Divas locker room, acting like they run NXT. Newsflash, you don’t. You think Bayley & I need to be friends with people like you? That’s a joke. Summer says that ever since her & Sasha have become BFFs, Sasha is gonna be like me, appearing on RAW & Smackdown, countless PPVs, international tours and photo shoots. We could really use a girl like Bayley, so why don’t think about it and also take out the trash, referring to Charlotte. Bayley holds Charlotte back as the BFFs leave. Bayley tries to calm Charlotte down, but Charlotte tells her not to touch her.


El Local vs. Leo Kruger

Local avoids an early Slice from Kruger and hits some right hands. Kruger comes back with a spinebuster for a nearfall. Three knee strikes to the ribs, followed by a back elbow. Kruger runs into a boot, but sweeps out Local’s leg off the middle rope, sending him crashing to the mat. Kruger stomps away, then sends Local flipping into the turnbuckles. Kruger charges and hits the Slice. Two snap suplexes as Kruger continues to fire himself up.

Third snap suplex, then Kruger floats over into a butterfly gulliotine choke and Local taps.

Winner: Leo Kruger by submission (Butterfly Gulliotine Choke)

Kruger leads a “Kru” chant afterward to celebrate his win.

We see video of what has been transpiring between Emma and NXT Women’s Champion Paige over the last 2 weeks on NXT. We go to video from after NXT last week backstage with Emma and Paige. Paige asks what the hell Emma was doing, hitting her. Emma says she doesn’t like Paige’s tone. Paige asks if Emma is making this a joke, because she doesn’t like joke. Emma says its not a joke, it was an accident. Paige says what happened 2 weeks ago was an accident, this time, it wasn’t an accident. Emma tries to explain herself that she was going after Sasha, but Paige is having none of it. Paige says for Emma to get out of her face, because she will rip it off. Paige walks off as Emma says there is something wrong with her.


Travis Tyler & Troy McClain vs. NXT Tag Team Champions The Ascension (Conor O’Brian & Rick Victor)

Victor & Tyler start. Victor with a slam and a kick to the ribs. Victor drives Tyler into his corner. O’Brian in, shoulders to the ribs. O’Brian with a series of side headlock takeovers. Victor in, STO connects. O’Brian in, hits the one-man flapjack. Victor in, double knockdown by the Ascension.

Fall of Man for the win.

Winners: The Ascension by pinfall (The Fall of Man)

The Ascension stand tall to celebrate their win afterwards.


Mojo Rawley vs. Tyle Dillinger

This is the NXT TV debut of Dillinger aka former OVW standout Shawn Spears. Mojo backs Dillinger into the corner, breaks clean. Dillinger draws Mojo into the corner, hits a chop, but it has no effect on Mojo. Running shoulder knockdown, but Dillinger slips out of a slam and hits a Russian Leg Sweep. Dillinger chokes Mojo in the ropes with his knee. Chops, but they still have no effect on Mojo. Dillinger with a gut shot, a snapmare and a knee driven into the back of Mojo before applying a chinlock. Crowd wills on Mojo. Mojo fights back, but Dillinger takes him down and hits a series of crossface shots. Dillinger pulls at the face of Mojo. Mojo comes back with a big slam. Mojo gets in football stance and blocks Dillinger’s path. Mojo drives Dillinger into the corner. Running avalanche in the corner, followed by the flying butt smash.

Running butt drop gives Mojo the win.

Winner: Mojo Rawley by pinfall (Running Butt Drop)

Mojo celebrates his win as steam pyro fills the ring.


Next week, its Bayley & Charlotte vs. Summer Rae & Sasha Banks and Adrian Neville vs. Corey Graves in a 2 out of 3 falls match. Now, its time for the main event.

Main Event in a Return Match: Luke Harper vs. Kassius Ohno

Ohno with a dropkick to start off things. Harper fights back, but Ohno with chops. Boot to the face and a right hand. Ohno with a series of knees, but Harper with a big right hand. Ohno with 2 more boots and another chop. Harper runs into a back elbow, but comes back with a back body drop. Harper with a big chop and stands on the throat of Ohno. Harper with an uppercut, then catches a boot and hits a big forearm. Harper with more forearms and a big right hand. Slam, followed by a kick to the ribs. Harper pulls at the face of Ohno. Ohno whipped hard into the turnbuckles. Harper kicks at Ohno, but Ohno fights back with a big right hand. Harper then responds with a big right hand of his own that knocks down Ohno. Ohno fights back with 2 gut kicks, but Harper with a double shot to the throat. Harper applies a cravate and takes down Ohno. Crowd wills on Ohno. Ohno tries to get to his feet, but Harper takes him back down. Harper with shoulders to the ribs of Ohno in the corner. Another big right hand knocks down Ohno. Ohno goes to the apron and Harper with a headbutt. Back in, Ohno avoids a charge and hits a rolling elbow that sends Harper to the outside. Ohno with a baseball slide kick to knock down Harper.


Back from commercial, Ohno with a back senton for a nearfall. Harper fights back with a gut shot, but Ohno with a chop. Ohno flips over onto the apron, but Harper with a running boot knocks Ohno off the apron and to the outside. Ref begins his 10 count as Ohno is still down on the outside. Ohno barely gets back in before the ref counts 10. Harper instantly on the attack, series of elbow drops for a nearfall. Harper stands on the head of Ohno, followed by a big chop and another right hand to knock down Ohno. Ohno avoids a corner charge, roll-up for a nearfall. Harper then with another big right hand to again knock down Ohno. Harper with the Gator Roll applied, crowd wills on Ohno. Ohno fights out with knee strikes, but Harper responds with a body block. Harper then grabs Ohno’s legs and gulliotines him throat-first across the middle rope. Harper again pulls at the face of Ohno. Harper off the ropes, but Ohno goes off the other side and hits a running dropkick. Ohno avoids a forearm and hits a series of forearms. Ohno with a running neckbreaker, followed by a sliding dropkick. Running forearm in the corner, Ohno heads up top. Blockbuster for a nearfall. Harper slips out of the Ohno Blade, but runs into a kneelift by Ohno. Ohno charges, but Harper catches him with the Truck Stop for a close nearfall. Harper measures Ohno and hits a running boot, but Ohno kicks out! Harper again measures Ohno and hits a running back elbow. Harper brings Ohno out of the corner in preparation for the discus clothesline, but Ohno responds with the KO, but now its Harper who kicks out! Ohno cannot believe it and hits a series of boots.

Ohno off the ropes, but Harper catches him with the discus clothesline for the win.

Winner: Luke Harper by pinfall (Discus Clothesline)