WWE Main Event Results 11/13/13

WWE Main Event
November 13, 2013
Manchester, England
Commentators: Josh Mathews, Alex Riley
Recap by: Clinton Bowman of Wrestleview.com

Main Event
WWE Divas Championship
WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee v. Natalya Neidhart

*Apologies for the short recap of this match, I had to go take care of some important business.*

The end of the match sees Natalya locking in the sharpshooter as AJ attempts to break it. Natalya brings AJ into the middle of the ring, and Tamina Snuka superkicks Natalya for the disqualification finish.

Winner via DQ: Natalya Neidhart
Still Divas’ Champion: AJ Lee

After the match, AJ locks Natalya in the Black Widow. Nattie cries in pain as AJ and Tamina leaves the ring.

Up Next: Manchester Mayhem on Raw.
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Survivor Series: Big Show goes for Championship Gold against Randy Orton

Backstage, Natalie’s crying about her loss, and her husband TJ is consoling her. (Yes…I broke Kayfabe.)

WWE 2K14 is in stores now, and the nWo pack was released this past Tuesday. Remember, The Big Show (as WCW’s Giant) is available for free on Xbox Live and Sony Entertainment Network.

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Korporate Kane sits down with Michael Cole, and uses his Libertarian eloquence to explain why the transformation took place.

On Monday: Corporate H and Stephanie McMahon return to Raw in Nashville!

Undercard Match
Tyson Kidd v. Justin Gabriel

Kidd and Gabriel, the former International Airstrike, lock up in the ring and exchange holds for a stalemate. Tyson and Justin play the test of strength, and Tyson gets locked in an armbar after a deep arm drag. Tyson and Gabriel go to the outside, and Gabriel counters an Irish Whip, sending Tyson Kidd to the steps, however Tyson springboards off the steps, only to get clotheslined by Gabriel. Gabriel brings Tyson in the ring and covers him. Tyson drops Gabriel after kicking out and covers him. Justin throws Tyson, attempting a wheelbarrow bulldog and covers him. Tyson kicks out, and Gabriel goes up top, only to get dropped down by Kidd. Kidd crawls to the cover, and Gabriel kicks out at two. Tyson picks up Gabriel and smashes his elbow into the back of the head, but Gabriel hits an STO to set up the 450. Tyson desperately cuts him off, hanging him up. Tyson sets up for the Frankensteiner, but Gabriel rolls Tyson up and gets the victory!

Winner via rollup counter: Justin Gabriel

Up Next: John Cena. Alberto Del Rio. Somebody’s gotta survive.

This Tuesday: 50 Years of WWE…The History of WWE!

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Raw Rebound: John Cena v. The Real Americans, Alberto Del Rio…and THREE AIN’T ENOUGH, MAN, I NEED FIVE!

On Smackdown: Cena v. Del Rio in an Arm Wrestling Match.

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At Survivor Series: Daniel Bryan and CM Punk v. The Wyatt Family

Undercard Match
R-Truth and The Prime Time Players v. The Union Jacks

R-Truth and Jinder Mahal will not be competing. Drew McIntyre and Darren Young open the match, as Darren takes control of the match. Darren tags in The Real Deal, who sends Darren into Drew McIntyre. Drew attempts to take control, but Titus easily manhandles Drew. Titus tags in Darren, and Darren covers Drew after the double team. Darren gets whipped hard, and Drew tags in Heath Slater, who brings him into the ring and covers him for two. Heath with a keylock, and Darren gets out, but Slater takes control again. Heath pins Darren, and Darren kicks out. Heath tags in Drew, and Drew takes it to Darren. Darren tries to tag Titus, but Drew cuts him off, covers him and Darren kicks out. Heath takes the tag, and Heath maintains control of Darren, until Heath postures up, and gets distracted, as Darren begins to turn the tide. Darren throws Heath over the back and Titus comes in like a house of fire after the tag. Drew got tagged in, and Titus with the fallaway slam, and Heath breaks up the pin! The match breaks down and Drew hits the Future Shock when the dust clears, tags in Heath, who hits the corkscrew splash and takes the victory!

Winners via Future Shock/Corkscrew combo: The Union Jacks!