On the WWE Corporate website, they have listed brand new provisions to the WWE Wellness Policy that was amended back on July 23, 2013. Some of these new provisions include the following:

* WWE talents can request a TUE (Threaputic Use Exception) for a prohibited drug if it is for a legitimate medical use. The TUE can be effective for no more than one calendar year. 

* A urine sample containing a prohibited drug will not be deemed a positive test if the WWE talent provides a vaild TUE. If the talent does not have a vaild TUE, they cannot challenge the positive test of the urine sample.

* Any WWE talent who is arrested, convicted or admits to a violation of a law relating to use, purchase, possession, sale, distrubition of drugs will be in breach of contract and subject to immediate dismissal.

* Any WWE talent who has a positive test for alcohol will be fined $2500 per positive test which will be taken out of their downside guarantee. 

* If a WWE talent has two violations of the policy, they can enter the 18-month Redemption Program. If the talent completes the program, they can request to have one of their violations deleted. 

* If any WWE talent believes they have a problem with substance abuse, voluntarily acknowledges it and requests assistance to receive help for it, they will not be penalized prior to a drug test being performed.

For full details on the changes made to the Wellness Policy, click here.