The Busted Open satelitte radio show recently did an interview with Chris Hero about his release from WWE, if TNA is an option and more. Here are some excerpts from the interview:

The maturity on how he handled his release from WWE:

“Do I want to wrestle at WrestleMania? Do I want to be in the main event at WrestleMania? Do I want to be in pay-per-views every month? Do I want to be in Raw every week? Of course, they are all amazing things and especially with all of the talented guys and all of my peers that I see and when I see Seth Rollins, (Antonio) Cesaro, Bryan (Danielson), (C.M.) Punk, the Wyatt Family, the Shield, when I see those guys rather than be jealous, of course there is some professional jealousy where its good hearted: ‘It’s like God damn it, I want that spot’ but it’s in the best way possible. I am genuinely inspired by all of these guys.

Thoughts on not getting called up:

“I would say that the issue was less conditioning and more of an overall look. Anybody that has ever known me or been in the ring with me knows that I can wrestle all day and all night long. I don’t get tired, that’s not the issue. It’s more of a cosmetic issue and my body type is different. I have different ways of working out and my eating habits are at the time. Anybody that has followed my career has seen a lot of fluctuation. I have gone from no muscle tone whatsoever to plumping up to three hundred pounds to cutting that off and becoming more toned and then cutting as much body fat as possible, so I have had my fluctuations and I’ve switched things around so I think that was more of a cosmetic look and my coaches or the powers-that-be were all very supportive. It’s really hard to pin point any one thing.

TNA being an option:

“At this point, I am looking at all of my options. I would never say no to something based on reputation. I am booked up for the rest of the year pretty much and I am keeping next year open as far as international dates and I want to maximize my opportunities and be able to hit up Europe for a couple weeks and I definitely want to go back to Japan. I’m trying to get that figured out. If there was an interest with TNA, it is an offer that I would definitely entertain but I just want to set enough while the iron is hot and set the best landscape for my career and where I go because I know everyone is happy to see me and its cool: ‘Hey, Chris Hero is back’ but I do realize that it’s not going to last forever so I am going to have to continue to evolve and bring something different to the table. It will be interesting to see on how this plays out with all of the different companies that I am working for in the next couple months.”

The next call up from NXT to WWE:

“It’s so tough because I think the whole time that I was down there, we had about ten guys on deck at all times that can just be pulled and introduced right away. There are so many talented guys across the board whether it’s on the microphone or in the ring. Off the top of my head, Xavier Woods has been ready to go. He is so talented and he is so ready to go. You have a guy like Adrian Neville who is legitimately one of a kind and one of those spectacular athletes in wrestling history. He has that flow about him when he is in the ring, he is not a guy that is going to take the microphone and spend twenty minutes on the microphone telling you a detailed story but he will tell you that story with his physicality which is incredible and you have Sami Zayn who is just awesome.

“He is a guy that has busted his ass and has had a lot of doubters through the years but he has produced some of the best matches that I have ever seen in my life. I don’t want to slant anybody by not mentioning them but those are the guys that come to mind. So many talented guys and characters like Tyler Breeze. Tyler is very unique and you take an idea and put a modern spin on it and it’s entertaining and those are guys that I want to succeed and guys that I want to keep watching. They make me tune in because when they succeed, I feel like succeed because we are peers. We belong together before I even signed whenever I would see Bryan, Punk or Cesaro, there is a part of me in that too. I just love wrestling, I love this business and I want to see everyone succeed.”