New title match added to 11/24 WWE Survivor Series

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Big E Langston achieved a career milestone on Raw with his monumental Intercontinental Championship victory over Curtis Axel, but to keep the prestigious title around his waist, the upstart powerhouse must get past Axel again — this time, at Survivor Series.

WWE COO Triple H announced the rematch in his latest sit-down interview with Michael Cole. Before making the match between the two NXT alumni official, Triple H called the Intercontinental Title a “stepping stone to bigger and better things” and listed the many WWE legends — from himself to “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and The Rock — who wore the championship in the past.

Though the Intercontinental Title is the by far the biggest feather in the cap of Langston in his young WWE career, his steep ascent has been weeks in the making. Since helping CM Punk fend off Axel and Ryback and accepting the support of the WWE Universe, Langston has appeared all but unstoppable. Pegged by JBL and others as a WWE Champion in the making, Langston is unlikely to let his first title in WWE go without a serious fight.

At Survivor Series, Axel will step back in the ring a chip on his shoulder, making the former champion all the more dangerous. The third-generation Superstar insists he is no worse off without the guidance of Paul Heyman, whose recent splits with both Axel and Ryback were water-cooler fodder. Is Axel capable of recapturing the Intercontinental Championship without the mad scientist in his corner?

Langston and Axel’s bruising, back-and-forth Intercontinental Championship Match on Raw may have only been a preview of what the WWE Universe should expect on pay-per-view this Sunday. Will Langston’s unadulterated strength and explosiveness again be too much for his challenger? Or will the wise-beyond-his-years Axel land on a winning strategy against the Superstar for whom “beast mode” is a default setting? The answer will be known this Sunday when Survivor Series airs live on pay-per-view starting at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT.