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Brian Fritz of spoke with WWE superstar Cody Rhodes about this Sunday’s Survivor Series pay-per-view, being a part of a traditional elimination team match on the show, the holidays growing up in a wrestling family, why he hugged Rey Mysterio on Raw when the two men feuded the last time they were around one another, on what happened with the Bed Bath and Beyond card the McMahons got him and his wife for a wedding present, teaming with Goldust, whether or not they could face one another at WrestleMania XXX and the end of his mustache.


Here are some portions of the interview:

On being part of a traditional Survivor Series elimination match:

It’s the cornerstone of the PPV itself. Of course, I think back to the 90’s where you had almost every match on the pay-per-view was a Survivor Series elimination style match. It was a holiday classic and all the colorful characters you had. I’m allowed to be a fan a little bit when I look at the lineup and I look at myself, my brother Goldust, the Usos and a sure-fire, Hall of Famer in Rey Mysterio to be part of our own team, it’s a good feeling.

On wrestling being a part of his Thanksgiving growing up in a wrestling family:

That’s what Thanksgiving and Christmas both were because there was that period of time when those were the biggest days or some of the biggest days of the year for the territory promotions and even for early WWF. It was one of those things where I didn’t know what other folks were doing. I just knew our own system where you had what was going on in the day but it was more exciting what was going on in the night and that was always wrestling.

On what he and his wife bought with the Bed, Bath and Beyond card that the McMahon’s gave them for a wedding gift on Raw:

Legit, true thing that happened. So much of what we do is entertainment but this is 100% fact: my old man pocketed that gift card. So we never saw it because it was given to us out of spite he thought we wouldn’t want to see it. I don’t know but we never saw it. I think he bought my mom something.

How much was on the card:

It was a pretty hefty card. It was $500. You can actually do some major damage at Bed, Bath and Beyond and I believe they did. I haven’t been over but if I go over and there’s like a robotic trash can and new slippers and stuff like that … he pocketed it, 100%.

On teaming with his brother:

I think if anything it’s a shock. Being in his 40’s I didn’t expect him to return with the surge that he returned with. Some people will give you that target age for people in their prime. I can tell you that Dustin is 44 and he’s in his prime. He’s the best he’s even been. He’s doing things he hasn’t done since he was 20-something and he’s as healthy as a horse. For me, it’s just a shock. I never expected to be in a tag-team, nonetheless being the tag-team champions with my brother and that 16-year age difference and the complete opposite ends. Him and I are nothing alike so it’s really just been a fun shock.

On possibly facing his brother at WrestleMania XXX:

I can’t deny the fact I’ve heard all these rumblings of Goldust versus Cody Rhodes and all I can say is that if it’s something the fans want, if it’s something the WWE Universe wants, then they’ll get it. And it’s not always right away. And there’s more things going on and there’s a lot of ‘that’s best for business expression’ but it it’s something that fans want, I could see it being a very high possibility. 

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