WWE NXT Results – 11/21/13 (Beat the Clock Challenge)

WWE NXT results 11/21/13

WWE NXT Results
November 21, 2013
Full Sail University 
Commentators: Byron Saxton, William Regal, Alex Riley
Recap by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

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We see the usual intro, then the music of the NXT Champion hits as Bo Dallas makes his way to the ring. Balloons and streamers fall from the ceiling in that this is Bo Dallas’s homecoming to NXT. Bo is wearing a birthday hat as he grabs a mic. Bo says there is no place like home. For those of you who have been keeping up with the Bo Dallas newsletters, you already know. For the past month, I’ve been on the Bo Dallas vs. the World tour. Everywhere I’ve gone, the reception has been the same: EVERYBODY LOVES BO!! Bo says he wishes everyone could have been there, but I have the next best thing, I brought a bunch of slides from my tour.

We see a slideshow being played on the Titantron with Bo narrating throughout the whole thing. We start in Montreal, where Bo says that in Canada, the “Bo-Lievers” are called “Bo-Nucks”. We move on to CamBOdia, where Bo says he “sports-entertained” in front of 300,000 people against Justin Gabriel. He’s a good kid, I beat him. We go to Liechtenstein, where they held a Bo rally. Bo is shown with a fan called Norbit. “We want Sami” chants by the crowd. Bo explains that Norbit suffers from a debilitating illness, but when Bo hugged him, the doctor says his health improved by 50%! We see the fan after Bo hugged him, golfing, and Bo says not to stop “Bo-lieveing.” We then see a peculiar slide of two sumo wrestlers with Bo’s hand on an area it shouldn’t be. Bo drops the slide mover thing and moves quickly to the next slide, saying that the slide shouldn’t have been in there. We move on to Bo with some lions and BIGFOOT! Bo mentions he went to Transylvania where he was offered baked goods by the locals. Bo says because everyone in the audience are his good friends, they all will receive a cookie. People hand out cookies to the audiences.

The music of the NXT Interim GM hits as JBL makes his way to the ring. JBL says on behalf of the company, we are so proud of Bo for being such a great international ambassador. Just like Randy Orton is the face of the WWE, we are so proud that you are the face of NXT.

The music then hits for Sami Zayn as he makes his way to the ring. “OLE” chants for Sami. Bo asks if Sami came to receive his cookie. Sami says he didn’t come for a cookie. Sami says its good to see Bo, his friend. Its also good to see the GM who suspended him. JBL says there is a reason he suspended Sami. We have the face of NXT, our champion, Bo Dallas, in a Homecoming party and you come down to interrupt the champion and your boss? I suggest you learn just a tad bit of respect, son. Bo says he told Sami about that to JBL. Sami says that he didn’t mean any disrespect. All I want is a chance to be reinstated so that I can take that NXT Title off of that delusional cheeseball. JBL says to what he calls “Ricky Bobby” that you can’t just say you don’t mean any disrespect and then insult the champion of NXT. I could suspend you indefinitely if I want to. “Cheeseball” chants by the crowd directed at Bo. JBL says he is about to suspend the entire NXT Universe if they don’t shut up. JBL says Sami served his suspension and took his medicine and he appreciates that. JBL says he always does what’s best for business, you’re reinstated. Bo says he wants to congratulate Sami, but did he forget that we already did this. Remember, I defeated you to retain the NXT Title. Its starting to seem like you are just a sore loser. Sami says for Bo not to patronize him. I have no problem starting from the bottom and working my way back up. But just remember, the next time its me and you in the ring, I am taking that title! JBL says to Sami that a good thing in the era of the Wrestling God is opportunity is just one win away. That is why tonight, I’m gonna have a Beat the Clock challenge to name the #1 Contender and you Sami are not only in it, you’re wrestling tonight, good luck. Sami says welcome home to Bo and walks off.


Beat the Clock Challenge Match: Colin Cassady vs. Alexander Rusev w/Lana

Commentary mentions the absence of Enzo Amore, saying he was injured at a recent live event. Before the match, Lana introduces Alexander Rusev in her native Russian language. Commentary mentions that Lana is Rusev’s social ambassador.

Rusev backs Cassady into the corner and hits a knee to the ribs. Right hands and a kick to the ribs in the corner. Headbutt for a 1 count. Cassady fights back with right hands, but runs into a body block by Rusev for a nearfall. Another headbutt by Rusev for a nearfall. Big right hand, followed by the trifecta of falling headbutts for another nearfall. Rusev goes to the middle rope, but Cassady moves out of the way off a flying headbutt attempt. Cassady with a big right hand for a 1 count. Another big right hand for a nearfall. Gut shot, but Rusev blocks a slam with a back club. Cassady comes back with a high knee for a nearfall. Big elbow drop by Cassady for another nearfall. Rusev avoids a corner charge as Cassady went head-first into the ringpost. Rusev sends Cassady off the ringpost again, then hits the running shoulder charge to the ribs. Rusev goes for the Accolade, but Cassady fights it being locked in and gets to the ropes. Rusev drops his weight across Cassady for a nearfall. Shoulders to the ribs in the corner by Rusev. Rusev places Cassady across the top rope and hits a series of knees to the ribs for a nearfall. Rusev with more back clubs, followed by a headbutt to the back of the head.

This time, the Accolade is locked in and Cassady taps.

Winner: Alexander Rusev by submission at 5:33 (The Accolade)

Rusev & Lana celebrate his win as we go backstage.

Backstage, new backstage interviewer Devin Taylor interviews Adrian Neville and asks him about the concussion Corey Graves suffered in their 2/3 falls match last week. Neville says that every time we step in the ring, we take a great risk. This is not ballet, but what Corey Graves tried to do to me is he tried to take out my knee and he tried to end my career. Now, what happened to Corey is unfortunate and I wouldn’t wish that on anybody, but right now, I can’t think about that. Right now, I need to think about beat the clock. Now Devin, I’m not sure if you are aware of this, but I know a thing or two about speed. You see, I’m the human rollercoaster, I do twists and turns that you never see coming, thrills every second. Tonight, we will see if Mr. Aiden English can keep up.


Backstage, we see Bayley in a chair looking at her broken headband. Backstage interviewer Devin Taylor walks up to Bayley and asks her how she is feeling after Charlotte double-crossed her last week. Bayley says she doesn’t know why Charlotte did what she did, we were best friends, we were like Spongebob and Patrick, like Tommy and Chuckie. Now, we are not any of those. I had her first match here in NXT where I met her dad. I taught her how to pogo stick, we used to do the robot together. Bayley says she hasn’t had the courage to confront Charlotte, she is gonna give it another week or so. But Charlotte, if you’re watching, when I find you, these bad boys (referring to her fists) will be doing all the talking.

Beat the Clock Challenge: Tyler Breeze vs. Kassius Ohno

Ohno goes after Breeze, but Breeze with right hands. Breeze goes for quick covers, but only for 1 counts. Breeze stomps away at Ohno in the corner. Ohno sent off the turnbuckles, but surprises Breeze with an inside cradle for a nearfall. Roll-up and a backslide for 2 more nearfalls. Big chop by Ohno, then flips onto the apron, but Breeze comes back with an enziguri that sends Ohno to the outside. Breeze tries to get Ohno back in the ring, but Ohno is dead weight. Breeze is finally able to get Ohno back in, but only gets a nearfall. Breeze complains to the ref about the count. Breeze chokes Ohno with his boot in the corner. Suplex for a nearfall. Back clubs, followed by a boot for another nearfall. Breeze continues to get frustrated, then measures Ohno for the Beauty Shot, but Ohno avoids it and gets a nearfall. Oklahoma Roll for a nearfall. Ohno catches a kick and sends Breeze to the mat. Ohno goes for the Ohno Blade, but Breeze avoids it. O’Connor Roll by Breeze for a nearfall.

Breeze rolls through a jackknife pin, but Ohno keeps control and gets the win.

Winner: Kassius Ohno by pinfall in 4:48 (Roll-Up)

Ohno celebrates his win while Breeze cannot believe he lost.


Hunico & Camacho vs. Jonathan Ortagun and Chris Rockwell

Camacho & Rockwell start. Camacho with a back club, then lifts up Rockwell and tags in Hunico, who heads up top.

Samoan Drop by Camacho, followed by the Falling Star from Hunico for the win.

Winners: Hunico & Camacho by pinfall (Samoan Drop/Falling Star Combo)

Afterwards, Devin Taylor interviews Hunico & Camacho on the rampway and asks them how it feels to be back as a team on NXT. Hunico says something in Spainsh, then says to the Ascension that they know why we’re here. Camacho says something in Spainsh before he & Hunico walk off.

Backstage, new backstage interviewer Dan Avone interviews Kassius Ohno. Avone congratulates Ohno on his win, while Ohno congratulates Avone for being the new backstage interviewer on NXT. Ohno says the win meant a lot to him because he was in a slump, so to pick up a win, I can regain my confidence and sooner or later, I’ll get to challenge for the NXT Title. All of a sudden, Lana walks in, yelling in Russian. Lana says to Ohno that he made a big mistake beating the time of Alexander Rusev. Ohno calls Lana “Natasha” and says to do him a favor, while mocking the Russian accent. Ohno says for Lana to tell “Boris” that he means no joke and when I become the NXT Champion, Rusev can have the first title shot. Ohno shoos Lana away as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, ring announcer Alexa Bliss introduces Aiden English. English asks for his spotlight. English sings 525,600 matches, so many chances to win. 525,600 matches, how do measure a wrestler’s career in headlocks, in takedowns, in wrist-throws, in lock-ups in everything you have right in front of you? 525,600 matches, right here in……………………W……..W………………EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

Beat the Clock Challenge: Aiden English vs. Adrian Neville

English backs Neville into the corner, but Neville with a roll-up for a nearfall. Neville catches a kick and hits a chop. English with a gut shot and a snapmare for a 1 count. Elbow to the back of the head for a 1 count. Back club, but Neville slips out of a slam. Neville avoids a right hand, slides under English’s leg, then sweeps out his leg and gets a 1 count. Neville backflips to avoid English sweeping out his leg, then hits a front dropkick for a nearfall. English with a gut kick and a suplex for a 1 count. English with a series of clubs across the back of Neville’s head for a nearfall. English talks trash, then stomps away at Neville in the corner. Slam, followed by a leaping leg drop for a nearfall. English stomps away some more, then gains another nearfall. English complains to the ref about the count. Neville fights back with gut shots and chops, but English with another gut kick. Side headlock takeover and a series of right hands for another nearfall. English continues to get frustrated and does some more trash talking. Neville then comes back with a back suplex. Neville with a jawbreaker, then kicks to the leg of English. English misses a clothesline and Neville with 2 flying forearms. Spinning back kick to the ribs, followed by a running dropkick to the side of English’s head for a nearfall. Slam, then Neville heads up top, but English rolls out of the way. Neville runs into an uppercut, then English with a running spinning neckbreaker for a nearfall. English places Neville up top and goes up with him. Neville blocks a superplex and headbutts English off the ropes.

Red Arrow by Neville for the win.

Winner: Adrian Neville by pinfall in 4:45 (Red Arrow)

Neville celebrates his win afterwards.


We see a promo from the Ascension. Conor O’Brian says to Hunico & Camacho that they wanna challenge us, challenge accepted. But realize one thing, we will rip you apart piece by piece, limb by limb. Rick Victor says that good things come to those who wait. But for the two of you, when we arrive, it will be way too late. We are the Ascension and we will rise!

Main Event in the final Beat the Clock Challenge (time to beat is 4:45 by Adrian Neville): Leo Kruger vs. Sami Zayn

Before the bell rings, the music of the NXT Champion hits as Bo Dallas brings a chair out to the rampway to get a better look at the match. Kruger with a knee to the ribs and a back club. Kruger misses a right hand and Zayn with a crossbody for a 1 count. Kruger with a gut punch, but Zayn blocks a hiptoss. Backslide for a nearfall. Zayn slips out of a slam, roll-up for a nearfall. Big right hand by Kruger knocks down Zayn. Slam for a nearfall. Snap suplex for another nearfall. Back suplex for another nearfall. Zayn sent off the turnbuckles. Kruger runs into an elbow, then a boot as Zayn heads up top. Big crossbody for a nearfall. Kruger with an uppercut for a nearfall. Elbow drop for another nearfall. Right hand for another nearfall. Crowd begins the “OLE” chants to will on Zayn. Cravate applied by Kruger, but Zayn fights back. Kruger with a knee to the ribs, but Zayn with 2 clotheslines. Kruger goes for a flapjack, but Zayn counters with a dropkick for a nearfall. Kruger avoids the OLE kick in the corner, roll-up for a nearfall. Zayn slips out of a back suplex, but Kruger with a spinebuster for a nearfall. Kruger measures Zayn for the Slice and hits it for a nearfall.

Kruger goes for another pin attempt, but Zayn counters it with a crucifix to get the win as time expired.

Winner: Sami Zayn by pinfall in 4:45 (Crucifix)

The music of the NXT Interim GM JBL hits as he makes his way onto the rampway. JBL says this is not the era of polka dots and controversies, this is not the era of Dusty Rhodes, this is the era of the Wrestling God and we don’t have controversies. I’d love to blame it on the ref John Cone and send you back to Kansas City, working at some stupid donut shop, but it happened to end in a tie. So next week, Sami Zayn will face Adrian Neville to determine the #1 Contender. The following week, the winner will face Bo Dallas for the NXT Title. Zayn & Dallas have a staredown as we go to credits.