WWE Survivor Series PPV Results – 11/24/13 (Orton/Big Show)

WWE Survivor Series PPV Results 11/24/13

WWE Survivor Series PPV Results
November 24, 2013
Boston, Massachusetts
Report by: Adam Martin of Wrestleview.com

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon open the show. They announce that interference will not be allowed in any matches tonight, including the main event.

A video package runs hyping tonight’s matches.

Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match
WWE Tag Team Champions Cody Rhodes and Goldust, The Usos and Rey Mysterio vs. The Shield and The Real Americans

We start with Cody Rhodes and Dean Ambrose. Ambrose with some big shots on Rhodes in the corner. Rhodes with a roll up and gets the pin. Ambrose was arguing with the referee to setup the elimination. Ambrose can’t believe it.

Dean Ambrose is eliminated.

Huge brawl breaks out after the elimination. Rhodes is now in with Seth Rollins. Tag to Goldust who gets a big reaction. Antonio Cesaro is in. Cesaro takes out Goldust with a big collision and tags in Jack Swagger. Swagger with big knees to Goldust. Tag back to Cesaro. Goldust with a close roll up on Cesaro as well. Tag to Swagger. Goldust gets a boot up on Swagger and hot tag to Rey Mysterio. Mysterio with a big jumping bulldog on Swagger and follows with a big boot in the corner. Mysterio sends Swagger to the ropes. Mysterio with 619 on Swagger and a tag to Jimmy Uso. Jimmy with a superkick on Swagger. Jey finishes off Swagger with a top rope splash. Jey gets the pin.

Jack Swagger is eliminated.

Cesaro is in right away with a big superkick to Jey. Cesaro with an uppercut to Jey resulting in a close two count. Cesaro with the Cesaro Swing on Jey. Jimmy is in with a tag and he takes a Cesaro Swing as well. Tag to Rhodes who gets a sunset flip pinfall on Cesaro.

Antonio Cesaro is eliminated.

It is now Cody Rhodes, Goldust and The Usos taking on the two remaining members of The Shield, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins. Reigns is in as The Usos take turns with tags working him over in the corner. Reigns with a big elbow comeback and tags in Rollins. Rollins with big rights to Jey. Tag back to Reigns who throws a big right hand to the body of Jey. Tag back to Rollins who drops a quick forearm to Jimmy. Rollins is launched over the top rope by Jey. Hot tag to Jimmy who drops Reigns with a Samoan Drop. Jimmy with a corner head splash to Reigns. Reigns cuts off Jimmy on the top turnbuckle. Jimmy fights off Reigns sending him to the ring. Reigns gets his knees up when Jimmy comes off the top rope. Reigns finishes off Jimmy with a big spear.

Jimmy Uso is eliminated.

Cody Rhodes is in with a missile dropkick to Rollins and more shots in the corner. Rhodes with a moonsault to Rollins for a close two count. Rollins counters a kick from Rhodes. Rollins counters Cross Rhodes. Rhodes is able to counter again. Rollins tags in Rhodes and Rhodes hits the Cross Rhodes. Reigns is the legal man and in now with a spear. Reigns covers Rhodes for the pin.

Cody Rhodes is eliminated.

Jey goes after Reigns on the outside sending him into the ring barricade. Back in the ring, Jey comes off the top rope and misses a shot when Reigns rolls out of the way. Rollins with the tag and he stomps over Jey right on the back of the head. Rollins gets the pinfall.

Jey Uso is eliminated.

We are now down to Goldust and Rey Mysterio against Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins. Mysterio is in and connects with a big kick to the face on Rollins. Reigns gets the tag and tosses Mysterio with force to the outside under the bottom rope. Goldust checks on Mysterio as the referee starts the count. Mysterio gets back in right at 9 beating the count. Reigns misses a shot on Mysterio in the corner. Mysterio counters Rollins and is able to roll him up for the pinfall.

Seth Rollins is eliminated.

We are down to Goldust and Rey Mysterio against Roman Reigns. Seth Rollins attacks Mysterio after taking the pinfall. Reigns dumps Mysterio in the corner and gets in a few shots. Mysterio with a kick to the face and slides under Reigns trying to tag in Goldust, but Reigns prevents it from taking place. Mysterio with a drop toe hold to Reigns in the corner. Hot tag to Goldust. Goldust with repeated clotheslines. Goldust with his uppercut and spinebuster on Reigns for a close two count. Goldust with 10 shots to Reigns in the corner and follows with a quick snap powerslam for another close two count. Goldust with an elbow to Reigns in the corner, comes off the top rope and connects with a cross body for another two count. Reigns with a big spear on Goldust and gets the pinfall.

Goldust is eliminated.

Mysterio is right in and dumps Reigns into the ropes. Mysterio hits the ropes to go for a 619 when Reigns jumps right back up and catches Goldust with a huge spear. Reigns covers Mysterio and gets the pinfall.

Rey Mysterio is eliminated.

Winner and sole survivor: Roman Reigns

Backstage, we see Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and Kane when WWE Champion Randy Orton walks up. Orton wants to make sure everyone is on the same page. Triple H said Orton is the Viper and he shouldn’t need any help tonight. Stephanie wants him to go prove himself.

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Big E Langston (c) vs. Curtis Axel

Counters between the two early on with Langston getting a big takedown on Axel. Axel with big forearm shots to the back. Axel with chops and right hands. Langston levels Axel with a big shoulder tackle. Langston drops Axel off the mat and follows with a clothesline resulting in a two count. Axel works over Langston in the corner. Langston with a big splash over Axel. Langston drops the straps and Axel holds on to the bottom rope when Langson tries pulling him to the middle of the ring. Axel with a Perfect Plex for a two count. Axel misses a corner splash and catches Langston with an elbow. Langston gets Axel up after countering a neckbreaker for his Big Ending finisher. Langston with the pin.

Winner and still WWE Intercontinental Champion: Big E Langston

After the match, Renee Young is with Big E Langston. Langston said he doesn’t mean to pander, but when he won the title this week it was just like when the Boston Red Sox became the World Champions this year.

Backstage, WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee is with Tamina Snuka. She is with her other team members. AJ called them inferior, but said now is the time to take back the Divas division. Kaitlyn asks why they should trust her. AJ said this is all about the “Total Divas” not wanting any of you. She said they can steal this one tonight.

Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match
Natalya, The Bellas, The Funkadactyls, JoJo and Eva Marie vs. WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee, Tamina Snuka, Kaitlyn, Rosa Mendes, Summer Rae, Aksana and Alicia Fox

We start with Naomi and Alicia Fox. Naomi knocks Fox off the top turnbuckle and connects with a split leg moonsault. Naomi gets the pin.

Alicia Fox is eliminated.

Tag to Cameron who give a double suplex and double split to Rosa Mendes. Rosa drops Cameron face first into the corner and gets the pin.

Cameron is eliminated.

Nikki Bella is in to connect with a facebuster on Rosa and gets the pin.

Rosa Mendes is eliminated.

Summer Rae dances herself in. Nikki dances back at her. Summer dances more and does the splits. Nikki kicks her in the face and gets the pin.

Summer Rae is eliminated.

Eva Marie and Kaitlyn are now in. Kaitlyn drops Eva over her knee and gets the pinfall.

Eva Marie is eliminated.

Naomi is back in with Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn drops her over her knee as well and gets the pinfall.

Naomi is eliminated.

Brie Bella is now in with a kick in Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn takes a pinfall.

Kaitlyn is eliminated.

Brie dropkicks Aksana on her way in. AJ kicks Brie when she hits the ropes. Aksana drops Brie.

Brie Bella is eliminated.

Nikki then drops Aksana and gets the pinfall.

Aksana is eliminated.

Tamina Snuka is now in. Tamina with a big suplex to Nikki. Nikki with a kick to Tamina’s head. Tag to JoJo. Lock up and Tamina throws her back. Tamina kicks JoJo on the mat. JoJo with a kick, attempts a cross body, Tamina catches her and JoJo with a close roll up. Tamina with a Samoan Drop on JoJo. Tag to AJ Lee who covers JoJo for the win.

JoJo is eliminated.

Natalya is the sole survivor. Tamina misses a top rope splash. Natalya gets the Sharpshooter on Tamina. Tamina taps.

Tamina Snuka is eliminated.

AJ runs in and breaks up the Sharpshooter. Nikki with a shot to Tamina on the outside. Natalya with a series of counters and gets the Sharpshooter on AJ. AJ taps.

Winner and sole survivors: Natalya and Nikki Bella for Total Divas

Backstage, we see WWE Champion Randy Orton talking with referee Charles Robinson. He talks about having his back always since he started in WWE. Orton asks if he gets what he is saying. Robinson said he is going to do with the Authority said.

We go to the Survivor Series panel hosted by Josh Mathews with Mick Foley, Booker T and Bret Hart. Ryback’s music hits to cut them off calling them “pathetic old timers.” Ryback said they won’t do anything because he is intimidating. He said that doesn’t make him a bully. Ryback issues an open challenge to anyone that wants to make a name for themselves.

Mark Henry answers the open challenge.

Ryback vs. Mark Henry

Mark Henry is sporting his new bald and beard look. Lock up and Ryback pushes Mark Henry to the corner. Another lock up and this time Henry pushes Ryback down. Henry gets Ryback up, Ryback jumps off and chop blocks Henry. Ryback counters a World’s Strongest Slam attempt into a quick spinebuster. Ryback fires himself up. Henry with a huge cross body that levels Ryback. Henry with the the World’s Strongest Slam. Henry gets the pinfall.

Winner: Mark Henry

We go back to the Survivor Series panel with Mick Foley, Booker T and Bret Hart. They talk the return of Mark Henry and John Cena defending the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Alberto Del Rio.

A video package runs hyping Cena vs. Del Rio tonight.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship
John Cena (c) vs. Alberto Del Rio

Lilian Garcia handled the ring introductions for the challenger Alberto Del Rio and champion John Cena.

Still a massive mixed reaction for John Cena in Boston. Lock up and Cena goes for the side headlock. Del Rio with a quick shoulder block. Del Rio drops Cena with a big clothesline. Cena grabs the bottom rope when Del Rio drops down for some big right hands. Del Rio is working over the repaired arm of Cena. Del Rio breaks a referee count early on and continues with right hands to the bad arm of Cena. Del Rio comes off the top rope again and locks the left arm of Cena. Cena with a shoulder tackle and Del Rio avoids a second attempt. Cena now connects with his two shoulder blocks, but Del Rio counters his twisting powerbomb with a backstabber for a close two count. Cena catches Del Rio with a big dropkick when he jumps off the top turnbuckle. Cena with his twisting powerbomb to plant Del Rio in the middle of the ring. Del Rio with a kick to the face of Cena and DDT combo when Cena was ready to go for the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Del Rio misses a shot on Cena and falls to the outside through the ropes. Del Rio hits the ring at 9 just beating the count. Cena plants Del Rio and connects this time with the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena has Del Rio up for the AA. Del Rio counters into a german suplex into a bridge for a two count. Cena avoids a kick to the head from Del Rio and gets an elbow up. Cena with a huge tornado DDT for a close two count on Del Rio.

Del Rio with a kick to the head on Cena resulting in a close two count. Del Rio puts Cena up on the top turnbuckle and pulls Cena down in the tree of woe choking him with his boot. Del Rio charges in and Cena pulls himself up to the top turnbuckle as Del Rio hits the post. Cena off the top rope with a leg drop to the back of the neck on Del Rio for a two count. Del Rio with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on Cena. Del Rio with the armbreaker applied. Cena rolls through and gets the STF locked in. Del Rio is reaching. Del Rio gets one finger on the bottom rope and the referee forces Cena to break the submission. Del Rio catches Cena with a huge kick to the head and gets a close two count. Cena gets Del Rio up and comes down with a modified neckbreaker for another two count. Del Rio has the armbreaker locked in. Cena stands up and drops Del Rio with a powerbomb throwing him away. Cena counters another armbreaker attempt, hits the AA and gets the pinfall.

Winner and still WWE World Heavyweight Champion: John Cena

After the match, we see a shot of John Cena hugging his father at ringside.

Backstage, Santino Marella and R-Truth are playing with WWE action figures. Los Matadores and Torito join in. Also joining in the fun is Fandango and John Laurinitis.

A video package runs hyping Punk and Bryan vs. Erick Rowan and Luke Harper.

CM Punk and Daniel Bryan vs. Erick Rowan and Luke Harper w/ Bray Wyatt

We start with Daniel Bryan and Erick Rowan. Bryan with some body kicks early. Rowan grabs Bryan and slams him down hard on the mat. Bryan with more body kicks and pushes Rowan to the corner. Tag to CM Punk who gets in some body kicks of his own. Rowan with a big forearm to the back of Punk. Luke Harper with the tag and a big chop to the chest of Punk. Tag to Bryan. They attempt a double suplex and Rowan instead over powers both giving them a big suplex. They show a fun slow motion replay of the spot. Bryan with more body kicks. Tag to Punk. More body shots. Punk and Bryan with a double back suplex on Rowan. Rowan with a big scoop slam to Punk and tag to Harper. Punk with a few kicks and tag back to Bryan. Punk and Bryan with a double dropkick to Harper. Bryan with repeated kicks to the back and arm of Harper. Quick tag to Punk who is leveled by Harper with a big boot. Tag to Rowan who goes to work on the head of Punk. Tag back to Harper who connects with a sitdown scoop slam on Punk resulting in a two count. Tag to Rowan who drops an elbow over the back of Punk. Punk with a big boot and tornado DDT combo on Rowan from the corner. Hot tag to Bryan and tag to Harper. Bryan with repeated kicks and punches to Harper. Bryan flips back, lands, hits the ropes and explodes on Harper with a huge jumping clothesline.

Harper dumped to the outside. Bryan with a suicide dive to Harper on the outside. Harper favors his knee as Bryan throws him back in. Bryan with a top rope missile dropkick on Harper. They note it was hard for Harper to stand. Bryan with big kicks to the chest of Harper. Harper blocks a big kick, but Bryan with a huricanrana and big kick to Harper in the corner. Bryan gets Harper up on the top turnbuckle, attempts a snap huricanrana, but Harper holds on and powerbombs Bryan from the top turnbuckle to the mat below! Punk jumps in to break up the pinfall. Rowan then dumps Punk over the top rope to the outside. Rowan with a big splash over Bryan resulting in a two count. Bryan favors his lower back after a big scoop slam from Rowan. Rowan with a shot to Punk who was trying to get back up on the ring apron. Tag to Harper. Harper catapults Bryan into the middle rope. Punk catches Harper wtih a kick to the head from the ring apron. Hot tag to Punk. Punk with a springboard clothesline and repeated shots to Harper. Punk with a sidekick to the jaw of Harper. Punk drops Rowan off the ring apron, big knee to the jaw of Harper, clothesline and Punk is up top. Punk decides to turn and he takes out Bray Wyatt and Rowan at ringside. Punk is laughing as he slides back in and gives Harper a neckbreaker. Flying elbow by Punk.

Punk hooks the leg and Harper kicks out. Bryan takes out Rowan. Punk with GTS on Harper. Punk gets the pinfall.

Winners: CM Punk and Daniel Bryan

After the match, we see a shot of an upset Bray Wyatt at ringside. Punk and Bryan stare down Wyatt from the ring. Wyatt removes his hat and shirt. Wyatt jumps up on the ring apron teasing he is going to get in and then jumps down.

Backstage, a WWE staff member assures Triple H and Stephanie McMahon that John Cena will be fine for RAW tomorrow. Randy Orton walks in and Cena said he is good to go walking off. Orton wants to know what Cena was doing back here with them. Orton walks off mad and Triple H calls him paranoid.

A video package runs hyping Randy Orton vs. Big Show tonight.

WWE Championship
Randy Orton (c) vs. Big Show

Justin Roberts handled the introductions for the challenger Big Show and champion Randy Orton.

The bell rings and Randy Orton bails immediately. Orton is back in, Big Show goes for a corner shot, Orton ducks and rolls out. Big Show goes after Orton and they both are back in the ring. Big Show catches Orton with a huge chest chop. Big Show with body shots and a headbutt. Big Show with a quick elbow drop over Orton. Big Show with another chest chop. Orton catches Big Show with a big dropkick. Orton drops a knee over the head of Big Show, covers and Big Show powers out after two. Orton goes for a sleeper on Big Show. Big Show breaks the sleeper dropping his body over Orton with force. Big Show with repeated clotheslines. Big Show is going up to the top rope when Orton catches him with repeated kicks to the head. Orton grabs Big Show, locks him in and drops him with a DDT. Orton goes a pose for the crowd in Boston. Big Show counters an RKO and pulls off a quick chokeslam on Orton for a close two count. Brawl to the outside as Orton sends Big Show shoulder first into the steel ring post and part of the steel ring steps. Orton grabs a steel chair from under the ring. Big Show blocks a shot with a kick, slaps the chair away and tosses Orton over the ring barricade in the crowd. Big Show jumps over the barricade and chops Orton. Orton runs back to ringside, tries to pull Big Show over the barricade and Big Show with a KO punch.

Big Show picks up a lifeless Orton and slides him back in the ring. Triple H’s music hits. Out walks Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and Kane. Big Show is distracted staring them down when Orton jumps up and connects with an RKO on Big Show. Orton with a punt to the head from the corner and Orton covers Big Show to get the pinfall.

Winner and still WWE Champion: Randy Orton

After the match, we see Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and Kane walking forward clapping. We see a shot of Randy Orton celebrating with the WWE Championship in the ring. John Cena’s music hits and he walks out standing between Triple H and Stephanie holding up the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Cena gets in the ring, gets in Orton’s face and holds up his title. Cena yells, “The champ is here!” Cena holds up his title and points to it staring down Orton. Orton holds up his WWE Championship staring down Cena. We get a stare down between Cena and Orton as the PPV comes to a close.