Former WWE star and “Tough Enough” season one winner Maven Huffman recently took part in an “Ask Me Antyhing” with Huffman revealed that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson paid for his food, rental cars and hotels until he started making money as he was broke starting out. He said he can’t watch wrestling anymore because it’s too hard to watch and has lots of back problems stemming from his wrestling days.

Huffman said he could only speak for himself in regards to steroid use noting it was great for him and that he only weighed 205 when he started with WWE in 2002. Huffman added, “I needed to get bigger, and I had to get bigger in a short period of time. Naturally, I wasn’t going to get there. It paid my bills and helped me survive for a living. I’d do it again. People think it’s the worst, but if it’s done with doctor supervision, it aided my career.”

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter