12/7 WWE Results: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Brett sent this live report in.

I just got back from the house show in Vancouver, BC, Canada at the Pacific Coliseum.

Attendance was actually really good, lower bowl was 90% full (with the 10% being blocked off for the entrance), a couple people in the upper bowl which wasn’t really open. Much better attendance than WCW New Blood Rising back in ’99 (the last time I went to an event there).

I showed up late but the opener was a 3-way with Big-E retaining over Curtis Axel and R-Truth.

Xavier Woods beat Hunico with the flip over clothesline then his finisher.

Brie Bella came out for a Divas title match vs AJ. AJ came out with Tamina and said that it was way colder in Canada than in Tampa and she didn’t feel like defending her title. Brie came back and said that AJ knows she’d lose the title and challenged them to a tag match. Bellas were very over but AJ was far and away the most over. While many in the crowd chanted for AJ she called for a tag from Tamina, tagged in to a big pop and then immediately tagged out getting a huge chorus of boos, great heel heat. Brie won it with the X-factor.

Pre-intermission main event was Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton for the WWE title. A bit unexpected as the advertised main event (as I recall) was to be Bryan/Punk vs. the Wyatts. Brian was by far the most over the entire night, any time during the match the crowd died out a bit he’d look to the crowd and just got a new YES chant going. Orton had some pretty good heat and worked a pretty solid match with Bryan including a big top rope superplex that got a great reaction. Bryan went up for a top rope headbutt when Corporate Kane’s music hit and he walked down. Bryan got distracted and jumped down, looked at Kane and turned back into an RKO. Post match Mark Henry came down in street clothes and got Bryan his heat back.


Next up was Los Matadores who got a pretty tame reaction, taking on…3MB!!! Huge pop for the Canadian Jinder Mahal despite not being acknowledged as Canadian. No Heath Slater in attendance for some reason so it was Drew and Jinder playing up to the crowd. Great reactions all around, lots of “we want Jinder” chants. The finish came when Jinder had been knocked to the floor and Los Matadores hit the double samoan drop on Drew while Jinder failed to make the save. Not much from El Torito and after the match Jinder and Drew played to the crowd getting a fantastic babyface reaction.

Fandango and Summer Rae came out for a “fans choice” match vs Khali with Natalya (who also got a great reaction). Chimel gave the crowd a choice between a dance off and a one on one match. Dance off won and a 30 second dance off concluded with Khali and Nattie winning. Fandango called everyone silly Canadians that know nothing about dance and challenged Khali to a match anyway. Mostly Khali whooping on Fandango getting a win with the big chop.

Main event was CM Punk vs Luke Harper with Bray Wyatt. Great reaction for the Wyatt entrance which I must say on a house show is pretty low rent. No video, not even a full lights out, blows on the lantern and the lights partially come back on. CM Punk naturally got a huge pop. Pretty much the standard fare from TV recently. Punk hit 2 Macho Man top rope double axe handles, third one resulted in an uppercut. Harper got the gator roll and some average beat down. A ref distraction resulted in Bray hitting an uppercut to Punk through the ropes. Punk finally got Harper up for a GTS after not being able to do it earlier in the match, hit it for the 1,2,3. Crowd goes home happy after a big of a lame main event but overall satisfying house show for the price paid.

Amazing how fast 2-2:30 hours go by when it’s actually focused on wrestling and not commercial breaks or talking segments.