WWE.com interview with Sheamus on injury recovery

WWE.com has a new interview up with Sheamus, talking about his recovery from a torn labrum he suffered back in July that required surgery. Here is an exceprt from the interview:

WWE.COM: Is there a timetable for your return?

SHEAMUS: There’s not, no. I just have to keep going. Some days are better than others with my shoulder. I do have six anchors put in my labrum; I tore it in half, so it was pretty major surgery. I also tore my right shoulder as well, and even though I didn’t have surgery on it, I’ve been rehabbing both shoulders to strengthen the muscles around the labrum. My main concern is that I don’t want to come back too early, and then something happens and I’m set back. That would be the worst possible scenario, so patience is the key.

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