TMZ: Matt Striker cast in new Star Trek TV film


Ex-WWE Star Matt Striker
Locks Up Role in ‘Star Trek’ Flick

Six months after leaving the WWE, former wrestler/announcer Matt Striker has resurfaced … as a ROMULAN COMMANDER — as in, the guy got himself a role in the new “Star Trek” project.

TMZ Sports has learned … ever since he parted ways with the WWE back in June, Striker’s been pursuing a career as an actor — and recently auditioned for a part in the upcoming TV movie, “Star Trek Equinox: The Night of Time.”

We spoke with Matt … who tells us 13 years of pro-wrestling was great practice, saying “I did some acting as a child, movies like ‘Wise Guys’ etc. but really my time with the WWE has prepared me greatly for this next stage of my life.”

Veteran actor John Savage — who’s starring in the flick — says Striker was “handpicked” for the part … telling us “when Matt was presented for audition, we thought we had our guy — after he read, we knew it.”

Savage says Striker’s work in the ring was definitely a factor when it came to casting him for the role.

Must not have seen him getting his ass kicked by Kane …

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