Eric Snook sent this report in:

Post Raw

John Cena came out to support Raw and helped clear the ring. DX and Cena celebrate together in the ring. Randy Orton and Legacy then came out to attack DX and Cena but was abandoned by Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase.

Orton was left in the ring to deal with DX and Cena alone. He tried to make friends with the trio. He put on Cena’s hat and saluted. Then crossed his arms into an “X” to show his alliance with DX. He was then superkicked by Michaels, pedigreed by HHH, and given the attitude adjustment by Cena.

Afterwards DX and Cena joked with the crowd and posed for pictures.

It was announced that Nascar drivers Kyle Busch and Joey Lagano are hosting next week.

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