Paul Guzzo of The Tampa Tribune is featuring an article with quotes from WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair and WWE star Cody Rhodes about families getting involved in wrestling.

Flair was asked about his daughter who is in WWE developmental:

“There will be added pressure on her, because she is my daughter. She’s strong mentally. She can handle anything. She is going to be fine. She’s a winner. I never pushed any of
my kids into it. I pushed them away from it because I know how difficult it is.”

Rhodes talked about always being around wrestling as a child:

“How could you want to do anything else? How could I not have wanted to be a hero like my father was in Tampa? A lot of people preferred me to pander to those fans. They wanted me to dye my hair blonde like my dad, do his moves like the jab and the elbow, and talk like him.”

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