TMZ: Ric Flair gives NFL team pep talk before playoff game


SF 49ers Player
Ric Flair Flew Into ‘S**t Hole’ Green Bay
… To Pump Up the Team

The San Francisco 49ers got surprise visit from wrestling legend Ric Flair tonight … but what’s more shocking, one of the players gave him props for flying into the “sh*thole” that is Green Bay!!!

With the 49ers set to play the Packers Sunday in a Wild Card game, The Nature Boy gave a pump up speech to the squad at the team meeting the night before … even belting out his signature “WOOOO!!”

But after the visit, lineman Anthony Davis gave the Pack some last minute bulletin board material when he ripped the city … tweeting, “Nature Boy Ric Flair flew into this sh*t hole to show us some love.”

In all fairness to Davis, the weather in Green Bay is BEYOND FREEZING … but “sh*t hole?”

As for Ric, unclear what his connection is to the team … since he was born in Tennessee and lives in North Carolina. But when the topic of marriage came up, he did drop one nugget:

“I don’t give marital advice … I’m 0 for 4.”

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