Update on Sin Cara and WWE, AdWeek on WWE Network

Update on the former Sin Cara (Luis Urive) and WWE

Luis Urive, the former Sin Cara in WWE, has stated that WWE will not return his phone calls and claimed he didn’t know if he was still employed. Earlier reports had stated that his former WWE contract had already expired. WWE plans to continue using the character going forward, played currently by WWE star Hunico.

Source: The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online

AdWeek looks at the launch of the WWE Network

Sam Thielman of AdWeek.com is featuring an article on the upcoming launch of the WWE Network on 2/24 and how it could create a new path for other entertainment outlets to be successful with traditional television.

Jason Krebs of Marker Studios is quoted in the article adding, “It’s a courageous and brilliant opportunity. Everybody talks about how cord-cutting isn’t going to happen, but generally those are the same people who said that tablets weren’t going to be a meaningful consumer experience and that we’d never get to current levels of computing power.”

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Source: AdWeek.com