Tully Blanchard on encounter with JBL backstage at WWE

Legendary wrestler Tully Blanchard recently made an appearance on the “Steve and the Scum” show on WGD Weekly and talked about an encounter he had with John Bradshaw Layfield backstage at a WWE event many years ago.

“…I’d gone up basically as an interview, you know to see and scope out, or as Vince told me to absorb, because the wrestling business had changed. They were getting ready to do the taping in St. Louis. I never really had actually remembered meeting JBL, and he started telling me from across the room that I was a fake preacher and I was this and I was that and I didn’t belong there and that I treated him bad when I was a star and he was just starting…it caught me very off guard, because…I didn’t treat people bad. If I didn’t like you, I just said hello, and I didn’t mess with you, that’s just the way I was. I didn’t remember it, so I told him, well it’s very possible that I did treat you poorly, and I hope you can forgive me. That’s all that was said on my part and we departed…”

To listen to the full interview, click here.

Source: PWInsider.com