WWE Main Event Results – 3/4/14 (Usos vs. Los Matadores)

WWE Main Event Results 3/4/14 live from Detroit

WWE Main Event Results (Live)
March 4, 2014
Detroit, Michigan
Results by: Adam Martin of Wrestleview.com

The show opens with a video package recapping last night’s RAW with Daniel Bryan confronting The Authority and getting attacked during his match with Batista.

Byron Saxton and Tom Phillips welcome us to the show in Detroit.

Kane is out first to kick off the show.

Kane vs. Daniel Bryan

Kane goes right after Daniel Bryan early getting in some shots in the corner. Kane with a quick dropkick to the face of Bryan. Bryan is able to pull down the top rope and send Kane over the top rope to the outside. Bryan jumps off the ring apron, but Kane catches him and dumps him into the ring barricade. Kane tosses Bryan back in and keeps the action grounded. Bryan with a drop toe hold sending Kane face first into the second turnbuckle. Bryan follows with kicks to the body in the corner along with a few right hands. Bryan with more kicks when Kane tries to counter. Bryan hits Kane’s left leg against the steel ring post two times. Bryan with a jumping kick to Kane’s leg from the outside as well. Back in the ring, Bryan with more kicks to the left leg of Kane. Kane catches Bryan with a big right hand. Kane chokes Bryan against the second rope using his knee. Kane drops a quick elbow and tries to keep Bryan grounded. Bryan with a dropkick to the left leg of Kane dropping him. Bryan with more kicks. Bryan with a dropkick to the left leg of Kane, connects with a corner dropkick, goes for another charge and Kane catches him right a big boot on his good leg.

-WWE Network Break-

Back live, Kane catches Bryan with a quick clothesline. Kane with a backbreaker on Bryan and keeps Bryan across his knee stretching him out to slow things down. Bryan comes off the top turnbuckle and Kane catches him with an uppercut resulting in a two count. Bryan connects with a tornado DDT on Kane using the ropes. Bryan catches Kane with another dropkick sending him through the ropes to the outside. Bryan hits the ropes and connects with a suicide dive on Kane. Back in the ring, Bryan catches Kane with a missile dropkick from the top turnbuckle resulting in a two count. Bryan with repeated kicks to the chest of Kane. Kane ducks a shot to the head and catches Bryan with a big side slam for a two count. Kane goes up top and connects with a flying clothesline on Bryan. Bryan avoids a chokeslam attempt and catches Kane with a kick to the head. Bryan goes up top, jumps and connects with a flying headbutt. Bryan hooks the leg and Kane gets a shoulder up after two. Bryan with more kicks to Kane in the corner. Kane with a huge elbow. Kane starts choking Bryan sitting on the top turnbuckle. Bryan comes back catching Kane with a big kick to the head.

Bryan attempts a huricanrana on Kane, but Kane hangs on and then connects with a DDT on Bryan. Kane covers and gets another two count. Kane is frustrated. Kane with a clothesline on Bryan pulling him in. Bryan counters a chokeslam attempt and rolls up Kane for the win.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

After the match, Daniel Bryan heads up the ramp and leads a “YES, YES, YES” chant. We see highlights of the match leading to the finish.

Footage is shown of The Usos defeating The New Age Outlaws last night on RAW to become the new WWE Tag Team Champions. The rematch is tonight.

-WWE Network Break-

They plug that Main Event will be live on the WWE Network next week.

Backstage, we see a shot of an upset Kane. Josh Mathews walks up and asking if he is angry at himself for losing to Daniel Bryan. Kane adds, “The answer is no. I’m not angry at myself. Daniel Bryan got lucky.” Kane is upset that Bryan keeps challenging the COO of WWE, Triple H. “I’m going to get that little runt,” adds Kane as he walks off.

Nikki Bella w/ Brie Bella vs. Alicia Fox w/ Aksana

Lock up and Alicia Fox gets a headlock on Nikki Bella. Fox with a quick shoulder block that drops Nikki. Nikki avoids an elbow drop from Fox and works over her left arm. Nikki with a fireman’s carry and continues to apply pressure on the left arm of Fox. Nikki with a head scissors takedown on Fox and follows with a monkey flip from the corner. Aksana distracts Nikki allowing Fox to get in a shot in the corner. Fox avoids a dropkick from Nikki and connects with a northern lights suplex for a two count. Fox flips Nikki over her back, but eats a clothesline and dropkick. Nikki drops Fox’s face off her knee and then connects with a high back body drop. Aksana jumps up on the ring apron and Brie pulls her down. Fox gets a close roll up. Nikki has Fox up and drops her down over her shoulders. Nikki gets the pinfall.

Winner: Nikki Bella

Up next, The Usos vs. The New Age Outlaws for the WWE Tag Team Championships.

-WWE Network Break-

Plug: Big Show returns to Smackdown this Friday night.

Before the match, Renee Young talks with the new WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos. Jimmy says it still hasn’t sunk in. Jey adds everyone is excited for them except The New Age Outlaws. Young asks what is next and they said they are going to Wrestlemania.

The New Age Outlaws are out next and they aren’t in wrestling attire. Road Dogg asks Billy Gunn to escore Young out of the ring. He takes a shot at Detroit and calls The Usos the luckiest boys in the world. Road Dogg says they will have to postpone the rematch due to an injury he suffered on RAW. He says he slipped on some ice in Chicago and that Gunn is suffering from encephalitis. Road Dogg promises when the rematch goes down they will win back the titles. Brad Maddox walks out and confirms that Road Dogg has suffered a legitimate injury. He announces a title match will still take place tonight and introduces Los Matadores.

-WWE Network Break-

WWE Tag Team Championships
The Uso (c’s) vs. Los Matadores w/ El Torito

The New Age Outlaws join commentary.

We start with Jey Uso and Fernando. Jey gets a headlock in on Fernando early on. Jey and Fernando exchange pinfall attempts. Both exchange hip tosses as well, both hit a dropkick at the same time and regroup. Tags to Jimmy Uso and Diego. Jimmy with a big arm drag and hip toss on Diego. Jimmy catapults Diego to the corner and tags in Jey. Jey with a splash to Diego. Jey tosses Diego over the top rope, hits the ropes and leaps over taking him out. Fernando jumps off the top turnbuckle taking out Jey. Jimmy then leaps over the top rope taking out both members of Los Matadores.

-WWE Network Break-

Jey gets the tag as The Usos drop double elbows on Diego. Fernando gets the tag and Matadores hit a big sweep on Jey. Quick tag back to Diego. Matadores with a sloppy looking monkey flip on Jey from the corner. Another tag back to Fernando who flips over the top rope taking out Jey with a quick splash. Tag back to Diego who kicks Jey in the face. Double clothesline by both Jey and Diego. Hot tag to Jimmy and tag to Fernando as well. Jimmy with a kick to Fernando and big right hand. Jimmy plants Fernando with a full nelson bomb. Jimmy misses a charge, but catches Fernando. They each counter and Fernando with a big DDT for a two count. Springboard senton by Fernando. Jimmy catches Fernando with a samoan drop. Diego breaks up the pinfall. Diego does a hand stand in the corner. Jimmy with a superkick. Double superkick on Fernando. Jimmy with a splash from the top on Fernando and gets the pinfall.

Winners and still WWE Tag Team Champions: The Usos

After the match, we see a replay of the finish. The New Age Outlaws leave the announce table and Billy Gunn pushes El Torito over in the ring. Torito jumps at Gunn and takes him out with a huricanrana. Gunn starts chasing after him when Los Matadores get in his face inside the ring. Los Matadores hold up Gun and Torito headbutts his groin. Road Dogg pulls him out of the ring.

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