UFC fighter Chael Sonnen recently made an appearance on TSN’s “Off the Record” with Michael Landsberg and was asked about his “good buddy” CM Punk and his status for Wrestlemania 30. Sonnen said he had no idea if Punk would be wrestling at Wrestlemania, but added he knew who does and her name was Stephanie McMahon. He then held up a piece of paper that he claimed was Stephanie’s “personal and private cell phone number” encouraging viewers to call her to get the answer.

When the segment actually aired, the number was blurred out with Sonnen adding, “And have her tell Triple H, I just played the game. We the people make that decision and we the people just did it. Deadspin, you’re welcome! And Landsberg, so are you.” Landsberg notes at the end of the clip that the interview was taped the day before and confirmed the number did indeed belong to Stephanie McMahon. He then revealed an old photo of Sonnen signed by Triple H that read, “To my biggest little fan, see you in the ring someday!”

To view the full video clip, click here.

Source: TSN.ca